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pinkyp Sat 03-Sep-11 18:30:26

Does anyone have this? Mines getting worse dizzy when sat up not just laid down. Please help I have 2 small children to look after keep thinking im
Going to pass out

RichTeaAreCrap Sat 03-Sep-11 18:40:30

pinkyp I feel for you, I suffer from it too, it really is horrendous.

Has it only just started for you?

There is a huge thread where a few of us who suffer offer some support and suggestions, I'll go and find it and link it here.

RichTeaAreCrap Sat 03-Sep-11 18:43:54

Here is the thread pinkyp, hope it helps you.

pinkyp Sat 03-Sep-11 19:12:31

Thank you! I've only had it slightly for a few weeks then yesterday It was bad and today is worse sad feel like I'm on a ferry all day with random bad dizzy spells. Will look at the link ASAP (I'm on phone now and won't let me click on it for some reason)

RichTeaAreCrap Sat 03-Sep-11 20:26:59

I have had it for about 11 months now and its awful. I have had every test under the sun!

Have you seen a GP? They are not great at diagnosing the cause but the first avenue should be blod tests and an ENT appointment.

How did it start? Was it a cold or ear problem or did it just come on suddenly?

Grockle Sat 03-Sep-11 20:33:16

Come on the other thread RichTea linked to - there's a few of us there.

It's awful. I often wonder how to manage when mine is bad - I'm a lone parent and it's very scary at times.

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