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Why we get fat

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rumple Sat 03-Sep-11 00:54:13

This is a link to a lecture by Gary Taubes. It's a good summary of his book 'Good Calories Bad Calories' (called 'The Diet Delusion' here in the UK).
It's long at well over an hour and still doesn't cover everything but it's alot shorter than his (brilliant) 460 pages.

cecilyparsley Sun 04-Sep-11 01:36:52

Thanks for the link, I've read his book and found it interesting, but (iirc) he dismisses or hardly mentions the effects of exercise on insulin sensitivity.
I consider that to be quite an oversight!

Tortington Sun 04-Sep-11 01:44:24

what effects are those <intersted>

cecilyparsley Sun 04-Sep-11 11:50:26

Custardo, exercise (as I understand it) increases insulin sensitivity and thereby makes your body less inclined to store fat. There are other things going on with exercise.
In his book Gary Taubes focuses on the effects of carbohydrate consumption on fat storage and metabolism.

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