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Weight loss - xenical

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shavmcv Fri 02-Sep-11 00:28:29

Has anyone tried xenical and lost weight . I have been on it for 3 weeks and was told by gp to expect quite bad stomach cramps and orange oil in my stools . I have so far experienced the oily stool once (third day) and no stomach cramps . I'm wondering if I am either not doing something right or it's just not working for me . Anyone have any experiences to share ? Sorry for TMI ! smile

shavmcv Fri 02-Sep-11 19:32:56


Footle Sat 03-Sep-11 19:29:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shavmcv Sat 03-Sep-11 23:20:24

I've not been back to get weighed yet I've to be on it for 6 weeks before I go back . But I don't think I am .

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