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How do you shift baby belly when your disabled

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Justme24 Thu 01-Sep-11 22:27:32

As some of you on here may know I am disabled /wheelchair user . I had my first son in May 2011 and while i have shrunk back down a little my tummyis still flabby. while I have only shifted from a size to a 10 I hate the way my tummy over hangs my jeans. As I can not walk un aided I am really struggling for excersizes Ican do that will help.

Does anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance


ImeldaM Fri 02-Sep-11 11:54:33

Hi, not sure of your abilities but crunches are meant to be good for tummy flattening link here

pic there shows person with legs on stool, or could probably rest on large cushion, basically tightening tummy muscles & curling up a little.

Do you see a physio for anything? because they would definitely be able to advise, (I realise you can't get a referral to a physio just for that grin).

Found this which is video link to fitness for people with disabilities, haven't watched all through, probably worth a look though


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