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I'm scared - cystitis

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worzelswife Thu 01-Sep-11 18:05:17

I've had cystitis multiple times this year and anti-biotics have always cleared it up. I got it again 2 weeks ago and this time they didn't. A urine sample has come back completely clear of any sign of infection. The pain is still raging. The Dr wants me to try one other lots of anti-biotics which I'm a bit dubious about but in a lot of pain so willing to try. I've been booked for a scan and told to have an sti test incase it's chlamydia (which is hopefully unlikely as I always use condoms).

I'm just terrified I have now developed interstitial cystisis. I already have two other chronic conditions which mean I'm mostly housebound and in a lot of pain. I can't take more, I just can't.

The Dr totally dismissed IC on the phone, saying he'd never heard of it in his life, and said that the urologist might try a urethral distension (?) which sometimes helps, so I'm not giving up hope that something along the line is going to help, but as I said; I'm terrified.

I'm also now finding sex painful and desperately don't want to think that is now always going to be the case. My dp puts up with so much already. Our sex life is very important to us (well, duh).

I just desperately want this pain gone.

topsi Thu 01-Sep-11 18:19:40

I would take the abx. Urine samples sometimes come back clear when there is an infection present.

pinkytheshrinky Thu 01-Sep-11 18:22:01

agree with topsi - it is early days to start thinking you have IC

hiddenhome Thu 01-Sep-11 19:59:45

I think you need to stop seeing any doctor who's never heard of IC hmm

I had six months of problems until I cut out tea and all alcohol.

What type of fluids do you drink?

GettinTrimmer Thu 01-Sep-11 21:38:07

Sorry you're having such a horrible time with cystitis, I used to get it often.

How much water do you drink every day? Mine disappeared when I started drinking 4 pints per day. And get a second opinion from another GP.

worzelswife Fri 02-Sep-11 21:28:15

Thank you everyone. Sorry not to have been back, it's been a bit chaotic.
The good news is that today my symptoms have been much improved. Whether it's because of these new anti-biotics (please god) or just a blip I don't yet know, but I just have everything crossed.

I've been drinking lots Trimmer, and in fact lots of lemon barley water which is alkaline and really soothing. Keeps me from having to drink those awful sachets.

I was very, very hmm at the doctor who hadn't heard of IC. If this carries on I will deal with the urologist I'm being referred to and not him. I did ask him to google it because he clearly needs to educate himself.

GloriaVanderbilt Sat 03-Sep-11 18:20:28

I wonder if you could try anti thrush type supportive measures for a while, sometimes when I think I have cystitis it's actually thrush.

I think they can sort of encourage each other iyswim. Might be worth a try.

worzelswife Sun 04-Sep-11 18:33:46

Really, that's interesting. To my knowledge I've never had thrush, touch wood. I will look into that. But I have no itching at all.

The last two days the symptoms have been back. It's a real burning in my urethra. Not there all the time thank god, but enough that I would like to be taken to the vet and shot if this carries on sad. I am hoping I will be seeing the urologist very soon indeed.

GloriaVanderbilt Mon 05-Sep-11 07:06:21

I;ve not normally had itching with thrush.

The trouble is when you get the wrong one, and take antibiotics, they can make the thrush worse, so you end up in this sort of vicious cycle.

I'd stop taking the buggers and let your body sort itself out. Natural yogurt might help a bit (to eat and, erm, apply!) not that I've really used this before. Probiotics can help too I think, I like the chewable ones which probably do nothing whatsoever grin but taste nice.

I usually just have soreness with thrush. I think in your case when you've been on loads of antibiotics it's deffo worth looking into. Or try using the canesten stuff you get from the chemist, see what happens.

good luck.

GloriaVanderbilt Mon 05-Sep-11 07:08:15

Oh and naturally, wear cotton pants without those horrible centre seams and don't use a bicycle for a while wink

and stop using scented products in the bath, shower etc

all these things can cause your symptoms.

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