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Constant hunger & losing weight

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Lorelai Thu 01-Sep-11 13:09:14

For a few months now DH has been hungry ALL the time - even immediately after a large meal - he just never feels full. He has also been losing weight - not sure how much exactly as we don't have scales, but he has had to get need work trousers as the ones he got last autumn had become too big, and he is on the last notch of his belt. He weighed himself at his mum's recently and is at least a stone lighter than he was before we go married, and he had probably put on weight since then, so the total weight loss is probably nearer 2 stone.

He went to the GP a couple of weeks ago and she ordered blood tests for over-active thyroid, diabetes and anaemia, all have come back clear. He is going to try and go back tomorrow or early next week, but does anyone have any ideas what else it could be? I am stumped.

catx2 Thu 01-Sep-11 15:25:16

I'm no expert but I was just wondering does he have any stomach problems, like pain, bloating, indigestion or unusual bowel movements?
Just asking as I have problems with this at the moment and somedays I feel constant hunger. I have been refered to a gastroenterologist.
Just thought I mention it.
Hope you find out soon and that he feels better soon.

Imnotaslimjim Thu 01-Sep-11 15:29:32

I was going to suggest diabetes, til I read that he'd been tested for it. I would ask them for repeat bloods to be honest

Lorelai Thu 01-Sep-11 17:56:14

No stomach pain etc, only issue with bowels is that certain foods affect him a bit more than normal (ie onions have quite an...interesting effect the next day smile). The constant hunger is every single day. He has not felt full for months.

He is going to try and get another GP appt for tomorrow, hopefully they will keep investigating it.

nightcat Thu 01-Sep-11 23:16:25

Get hold of the test results and check how normal they were, they could be borderline in respect of pre-diabetes or heading hyperthyroid way.

Are his meals mainly carb-based? Or restricted in any way, eg vegeterian? This could explain the craving for more food if he isn't getting all nutrients his body needs, eg if he doesn't have enough protein, his body will carry on craving more hoping that he will provide correct nutrients.

Proteins or good fats tend to satisfy hunger better than carbs.

Lorelai Fri 02-Sep-11 07:14:59

He is going back to the GP this morning so I will get him to ask about the detail of the test results.

I am vegetarian, so he tends to eat mostly veggie food (still has meat in sandwiches or if we are out), but still quite a bit of protein as I use a lot of meat replacements (quorn, soya mince, tofu - I cook veggie versions of meat dishes rather than pure veggie recipes - spag bol, toad in the hole etc). The kind of food he eats hasn't changed recently - I have been cooking for him for 5 years now and this problem has only been in the last few months.

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