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Badly sprained ankle - start new job on Monday!?

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Dysgu Thu 01-Sep-11 12:38:10

I am a teacher and am moving to a new school in a new job on Monday. I was loading a box into the boot of my car yesterday morning, just thinking how useful the books in it would be for my new class, and the next thing I knew I had tripped/fallen off the kerb and was crumpled on the road!

I managed to pull myself to the house - where I phoned my mum before fainting. (luckily I had already taken 2DCs to the childminder so was alone instead of in charge of 2 pre-schoolers!)

Anyway, went to hospital who said it met criteria for x-ray. So they did 2 x-rays which indicated that it is not broken but is sprained - told me to elevate, use ice and pain killers and to rest it.

That was yesterday morning - today I can still not put any weight on it and am crawling about on my knees (am about to work out how to carry a full potty down two flights of stairs - but that is another thread!) The outside of my ankle has gone black and the whole area is very swollen. If I try to put any weight on it then my head spins and I see stars.

I have been trying to move it about - I can flex all my toes now which I could not do yesterday. I cannot move the top of my foot upwards so it is in a pointy-toe position. i am still trying to draw letters and numbers in the air to keep it moving.

I need to get into my classroom to start setting things up - my classroom was only available from this Tuesday due to building work and cleaning so I really could not have gone in earlier.

I have loads of boxes to carry in! I will have to move tables and chairs about. I have wall displays to put up! I imagine my new colleagues will help where they can but they will have their own rooms to sort.

We have 2 INSET days on Monday and Tuesday so i could stay late and get some stuff done then - but right now I cannot drive and there is no bus to this school (and I cannot walk to nearest bus stop right now!)

I am sure I can arrange a lift to school next week but can anyone give me any idea of how long this is going to go on for? I have arranged to borrow some crutches so I can get about but I really need to be able to drive - is it likely to happen in the next few days?

Bearcat Thu 01-Sep-11 20:54:23

Remember about 27 yrs ago spraining both ankles at the same time playing rounders. Bruising up to my knees. Did it on a Sunday, and had 3 days off work.
Remember crawling around on my knees and not even able to put feet on floor whilst crawling because of the pain on the night I did it going to the loo in the night
Had one ankle x-rayed, but not at my hospital.
Was working as a radiographer, and when I went back was put into the CT scanner where you were sat down for quite a lot of the day, but then had to do a 24 hour shift on the Saturday as no one else could do it. My walking was definately a lot better by then, but stairs were a problem so used the lift.
Fortunately working in that central London hospital at that time was fairly reasonable workload wise on a weekend.
I hope that by the time next week comes you will be feeling quite a bit better, not sure about the driving though.
I would definately say that i had ankles that weren't right for a long time and was once told I should have had some physio. They're OK now though even though I had no treatment.

Dysgu Fri 02-Sep-11 21:37:52

Thank you for your reply. I am really hoping that I will be able to get around by the time school starts on Wednesday. I can sort a lift to/from work for a week or so and, fingers crossed, will be able to drive by then.

The bruising is amazing - the whole of my ankle and foot is black and purple apart from a small strip beneath the ankle bone (which makes the bottom of the bruise look like a big grin!)

sausagesandmarmelade Sat 03-Sep-11 11:53:58

Sprains can sometimes be worse than fractures I am told.

Seems as if the hosp gave you pretty good advice which you should follow...

Think RICE

Compression - with a firm support bandage during the day (but not to wear all night

There are no quick really need to do the above all reduce the swelling and get your ankle back to normal as soon as possible.
You definitely should not be walking around on it if you can help it.

Dysgu Sat 03-Sep-11 22:17:32

Thank you sausagesandmarmalade - I have been really trying to stay off my foot today.

DP had to be on 'party' duty - DD1 had two parties to go to. Luckily one was at a play farm so I called the mum and sorted out for DD2 to gate crash the party - she is only 2 so free to get in and then it turned out that there was a 'space' (have to pay for minimum numbers) so she joined in with all the activities, the party tea and even got a party bag! Was she impressed! Second party was in vollage hall - again called the mum who was happy for a little one to gate crash (many other siblings taken along anyway) so I have been resting all day!

Must take bandage off now before I forget...

Grumpla Sat 03-Sep-11 22:27:27

Ooooh you poor thing! I badly sprained both ankles at the same time a few years ago wine was involved and it was EXCRUCIATING! they looked like aubergines for ages.

Really really try and stay off the ankle as much as you can. Could you talk to your doc about borrowing some crutches even? It sounds like it will be impossible not to be up and about a bit, although you should really be sat down with leg up for a good few days.

If schools are not starting back until Weds, do any of your mates have teenagers who you could bribe to do the carrying of boxes on Mon/Tue? I really don't see how you're going to manage without putting some strain on your ankle otherwise.

I found alternating hot compresses and ice was quite soothing. I was also told that a compression bandage wasn't a good idea ( both by my GP and my mate, also a doctor, who I'd phoned to check with!) might be worth bearing in mind?

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