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fibroids - been prescribed Zoladex

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wicketkeeper Wed 31-Aug-11 09:13:42

aka Goserelin - GnRh analogue

Anyone out there with any experience?

The aim is to reduce my humongous fibroid to manageable proportions. However, reading the list of side-effects (yes, I know, I know) I'm beginning to wonder if the cure is worse than the complaint.

It brings on a temporary menopause - well, at very nearly 51 everyone (including my very understanding husband) is telling me that I'm nearly there anyway, so it's not that big a deal. BUT, I've so far had no symptoms of the 'normal' menopause, and my periods are still regular, so for me it IS a big deal, to deliberately, voluntarily, bring it on. I feel like I'm going to become old overnight.

It causes a reduction in bone density. Hey, that's a big deal too!!

It can cause weight gain - the only reason I'm doing it is cos I've got a huge belly that makes me look 5 months pregnant (I'm 5'8" and 9stone, so not fat). What's the point of reducing the belly if I'm going to get fat anyway?

It causes a reduction in sex drive - again, hell, that's a big deal.

So, should I go for it, and reduce the size of the fibroid, and hope that I don't suffer too many side effects, or put up with the fibroid (which will reduce anyway once I really go through the menopause). I also get heavy bleeding which will be reduced by the Zoladex, but I can control that with Transexemic Acid anyway so that's not the main issue.

Any helpful thoughts greatly appreciated. Both my gynae and my DH are men, and I would really like a woman's view on this.


SleepyCat1 Thu 01-Sep-11 17:28:18


I have had two 6 month courses of zoladex to treat endometriosis. I might of been lucky but actually didn't feel too bad on it and also saved monthly few days of agony. I was in my mid thirties though. Ask if you can have the three month dose after you have tried it for one month as the worst bit is the actual injection. If you look at the national endometriosis society boards you will find lots of ladies with more recent courses of zoladex.

Good luck

Planetofthegrapes Fri 02-Sep-11 03:19:50

Hi Wicketkeeper,

I had three 1-monthly zoladex injections to shrink a fibroid before surgical removal. It was injected using a large needle. My real menopause a few years later, was tame in comparison.

The "menopause effects" were very rapid - extreme hot flushes and vaginal dryness etc. I was advised to take HRT at the same time, but didn't (doctor thought I was a bit mad). I can't remember gaining much weight.

I'm under the impression that its only a temporary treatment.

Have you been given the choice between zoladex or a hysterectomy?

wicketkeeper Sun 04-Sep-11 20:18:22

Thanks so much for replying - I've been away, so sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Planet I told the gynae that I absolutely didn't want a hysterectomy (I felt it was a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut, especially as I'm already nearly 51), and he's accepted that, although I think he would prefer to just wop it out and have done.

Interesting that the symptoms came on quickly for you - forewarned is forearmed. I haven't been offered HRT, not sure if I would want it tbh.

The plan is to have 6 injections over 6 months, and see how much it reduces, and then decide where we go next.

Thanks again.

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