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First Aid.

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ReebleBeeble Mon 29-Aug-11 19:49:33

Today I had to use my First-Aid knowledge for the first time since I qualified 16 years ago.

My DP and I found a man collapsed at a car boot and no one had noticed. His wife didnt speak any english (Italian) and was panicking. He was foaming at the mouth, turned blue, wasnt breathing and his heart had stopped. My first thought honestly was "Oh my God, I'm looking at my first corpse." Then I got DP to phone an ambulance whilst I preformed CPR. Chest compressions and the lot. Things were made worse by the fact he'd had a Tracheostomy. I was terrifed and realised I was woefully unprepared.

I mangaged to revive him- I honestly dont know how. Everything Id learnt had gone out of my mind- and someone else took over whilst my DP shaded the sun from his eyes and I tried to comfort his wife.

We've since found out that he died on the way to the hospital. All I can think now is that I need to go on a refresher course to be more prepared next time.

And I wanted to urge everyone to take a free St. Johns Ambulance course because you really never know when you might need it.

MynameisnotEarl Mon 29-Aug-11 19:58:22

You did so well. I wouldn't have been able to do what you did and you should be very proud of yourself. I really don't think you could have done any more.

Very well done - so many people wouldn't have even attempted to help the man. I hope that if I ever need first aid someone like you is around.

beautifulgirls Mon 29-Aug-11 20:53:21

Hi Reeble - sorry to hear the ending of the story, but well done you for what you did do to help. You might have felt you were not prepared but it sounds like you couldn't have done any more than you did and that the outcome was nothing to do with the quality of the first aid provided. Please be kind to yourself in all of this and don't get too bogged down in the "what ifs".

I totally agree though, everyone should do a first aid course and people should update from time to time. I have also been in a similar situation doing CPR. The wife of the man who collapsed asked afterwards if she could give us some money to say thank you. We refused of course but politely requested that she and her family/friends get themselves on a first aid course as she clearly had no idea what to do to help her husband. We were more fortunate with our outcome, but it still was very traumatic after the event for us too. Take care...

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