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What's getting a coil fitted really like?

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PeepToes Mon 29-Aug-11 14:42:05


Have had 3 kids vaginally, and thinking of getting a coil for long term contraception. I know how it's fitted etc, but I'm scared about how uncomfortable it'll be.

Is it ok?


BibiThree Mon 29-Aug-11 14:44:50

I had one fitted a few years ago, for the mostpart it's like a smear, and you get dragging, period type pains afterwards BUT ... no one told me about the clamping bit. They briefly clmp your cervix to keep it still which smarts a bit. Took my breath away, but it was only for a second or two.

I've since heard you can ask for a numbing spray for this, so worth asking about.

Having it removed was a doddle, felt nothing and it was over in about 2 seconds. hth

OTheHugeRaveningWolef Mon 29-Aug-11 14:45:37

The fitting felt weirdly intrusive and I got bad cramps after, for about 24 hours. On no account cycle to the clinic like I did - you might need a stiff drink and a lie down after! Also my periods are a bit heavier too. But was so worth it for minimal hassle and hormone free contraception afterwards.

tiddleypompom Mon 29-Aug-11 14:48:52

Not a problem for me - as bibi says twas like a smear and didn't take much longer. I didn't get any clamping - at least don't think I did?! No memory of any pain at all - and removing was even less so. Was perfect conception for me and DH until we started ttc and conceived 8 months after removal.
Don't let any fears put you off - it really isn't bad at all (and as with all inspections 'down there' you are best to relax as much as possible).
Go for it peeptoes.

bigbadtiger Mon 29-Aug-11 14:49:23

I found it really quite unpleasant, and painful during the procedure. That didnt last long though, and now I'm very glad to have hormone free contraception that I dont have to think about for 5 years.

Smadarama Mon 29-Aug-11 14:52:21

I had one fitted a few years back - remember being surprised at how easy and pain free it was - as others said, not unlike a smear.

BibiThree Mon 29-Aug-11 14:56:09

Also, I didn't have periods while using it, which was wonderful. The month I had it removed I got pregnant with twins ... don't think that's the coil's fault, just a shock! grin

mejon Mon 29-Aug-11 15:42:31

Had my 2nd one fitted at the beginning of the month. Didn't feel a thing either time despite having worked myself up into a bit of a panic about the whole thing. Didn't have any bleeding or spotting afterwards but I've just had my first period since the fitting and it has been going on for the last 2 weeks. Should settle down soon though.

topsi Mon 29-Aug-11 16:13:24

I had one a few years ago before having DS and it was quite painful. However a friend who was a family planning nurse told me it shouldn't hurt at all. She worked for Mary Stopes and said they put local anaesthetic in your cervix so you won't feel the clamping. She was quite surprised when I told her my experience.

PeepToes Tue 30-Aug-11 12:34:27

Thanks for that! I phoned the clinic for an appointment and not any available until the 9th NOVEMBER! I thought that was quite a long time so I'm off to my GP for the pill first!

christmasmum Tue 30-Aug-11 12:37:17

Didn't hurt me at all, just like a smear, and having them out is a complete breeze. Expect mild cramps and to feel a bit 'odd' for a few days after. Didn't work for me though, weird periods etc so going onto the rod thing next! eek...

mejon Tue 30-Aug-11 14:29:35

Took ages for me to get an appointment for fitting too as my small rural GP doesn't do them so had to wait for a hospital appointment. Saw GP at my 6 week post birth check-up in March and finally had it done at the beginning of August.

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