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Positive tales of wisdom tooth extraction needed please!

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scarlet80 Mon 29-Aug-11 13:38:26

For the last week I've been in quite a considerable amount of pain due to a gum infection around my wisdom tooth, but being in Turkey i decided to wait until today to see a dentist. Just got back from the emergency dentist and it's bad news... wisdom tooth and the one next to it need to come out asap, under sedation! I guess I've a bit of a phobia about dentists and anything to do with being sedated or having a GA. So needless to say, I'm terrified and am already Googling and imagining the worst possible outcome. sad
Some positive tales of extraction would be gratefully received- Thanks!! smile

Have also been prescribed Amoxycillin and Metronidazole for the infection, which I've heard can be a pretty nasty antibiotic to take?? Silver lining though- after a week of wine all -inclusive wine at least I'll be off the booze for the time being!!

clawsatELVES Mon 29-Aug-11 13:47:56

A positive tale? I had all 4 of mine out when I was about 19. I had the 2 on one side taken out, then the 2 on the the other. I don't have anxiety issues with dentists, so no sedation was needed, and there was no infection so no anti-B's were needed.

It was honestly fine. In fact I went to work that evening (I was part time in a supermarket at the time). Both times in fact. I felt fine when I went to work, and fine when i came home. Oddly no one had told me that my face had swollen up a bit, so I was wondering around looking like a half-hamster. But had not noticed myself, as I felt fine, you see!

The one thing that I wish someone had told me, that I now tell EVERYONE having their wisdom teeth out - and apols if a bit grim but I wish i had known - stay off the rice for a bit! It can get stuck!

You'll be fine. You'll need a lift home from dentist if you're having sedation. I have had sedation for other medical procedures and it is - well, rather nice actually! And when you get home, take it easy. Crap tv, or rubbish mags are probably best.

Meglet Mon 29-Aug-11 13:53:04

Not as bad as you'd think. Much better once they are out.

My lower, right was impacted and it was hacked out under local anaesthetic. Took about 30 mins and was uncomfortable (more to do with having my mouth open, no pain). Bruised and swollen for about 5 days and soft food, then all fine smile.

scarlet80 Mon 29-Aug-11 14:01:05

Thank you- everyone says it'll be fine and I'm sure that the anticipation and pain now will be worse than the event. Glad you both had positive experiences! At least it might mean a few days off work and a bell at the side of the bed wink

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