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Ginseng, anyone used it? What results did you get?

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Curiousmama Sun 28-Aug-11 20:10:32

I suffer from stress and panic disorder, usually brought on by very stressful situations. The other week something came to light re: exdh and it was mega shocking. I'm still ok with him, he doesn't know I know. Anyway, I thought I was ok then had a mega panic attack/ fainting episode in the supermarket. Ok one minute then about to keel over. Luckily I was with dp so just sat in the car. I realised it was the stress as had only found out the secret a day or two before.
I really feel my adrenal glands don't work properly, maybe caused by bad living as a youth? Not sure why but I feel that's the main reason for my panic disorder. I smoked and drank from a very young age.
I did a google on adrenal glands, stress etc.. and found a lot of info on ginseng so thought I'd ask at a health shop about it. Went into H&B and saw a compound of 4 types, bought it and have taken it for around a week now. I honestly think it's helping? A bonus is it's curbing my appetite something it claims to do? I hadn't even thought of that until I noticed I'm not as hungry, though I still like my food.
Has anyone else tried it? I know I'll need to take it a bit longer to really know if it's helping but am optimistic smile I take a multi vit for women too as find stress depletes vitamins.

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