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5 days late but negative test??

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Shoni Sun 28-Aug-11 00:08:52

I'm five days late for my period,I'm still getting lots of discharge, I'm really quick tempered,I've done two pregnancy tests and both have come back negative! I'm very anxious and unsettled within myself I also take depression pills of 10 milligrams could my medication be giving me a negative result? I'm baffled to why I'm not getting my period I've never been late and have a regular 28 day cycle! Am I pregnant again or is it related to stress??

jennymac Sun 28-Aug-11 00:24:20

Hi! Hope you don't think I am hijacking your thread but was going to post something similar myself. Have been freaking out because my period last month was much lighter and shorter than usual. Did a pregnancy test just in case which was negative. DH and I (who have been debating over whether to have child no. 3 for months) then decided to throw caution to the wind and have unprotected sex just to see if anything happened. Only did this once as I got a bit scared again after and reverted to using condoms again. Now my period is about 6 days late. Did another pregnancy test yesterday which was negative and have had a bit of spotting (2 days at the start of last week and a bit today) but still not what you could call a proper period. Have had my normal pre-menstrual symtoms (i.e. really bad hangover last wk after only 2 small glasses of wine, and sore boobs) but no sign of the real thing. This is so unlike me as I am always so regular. No real stress recently although I did have a car accident a couple of months ago. I was totally uninjured but the car went off the road into a field and rolled over so it was pretty scary. Am wondering if that is the cause?

Shoni Sun 28-Aug-11 09:25:39

I'm sorry to hear about your crash that was scary you should go see your doctor just in case as well as if your getting any compensation for it,, I think with your breast being sore there is a good chance you are,my husband and I were not considering have child number three, as we have a boy and a girl, we have also been very careful,I don't have any soreness in my breast but I never with my other two either,, I went to a spiritualist in July this year and it's the second time I have been to her in seven years as she was very accurate with predictions that came true, so I went back and she told me I was going to have three children so I'm kind of worried it's came true,, I don't think my husband will be happy and I don't have a great support with grandparents as it is, and I had told my mother in law but it felt weird as she looked as if it was a look of ‘oh no’ on her face,, I have the symptoms of me being quick tempered and unable to control it, and this was what I was like with my son, I was the opposite with my daughter I was very emotional,! I don't know if I'm ready for a new baby as I'm just getting myself back to normal with depression and I'm frightened if I were if this will set me back mentally? I also worried if I could cope with three children but the good thing is you and your husband was contemplating having another smile I think I'm going to wait til Tuesday to do a another test then I'll be seven days late and if I'm still not then I will see my doctor as it could be something else,, good luck and congratulations if you are 

jennymac Sun 28-Aug-11 10:58:14

Hi Shoni. Period arrived this morning so I guess I'm definitely not pregnant and my cycle is just a bit messed up at the mo! We are in the middle of building a new house so maybe though I don't consciously feel stressed I could be a bit and this could be messing up my cycle. Mixed feelings about not being pregnant - in an way I wish I was so the decision would be made and I could just get on with it. Now we are prob going to spend more months going will we, won't we?! Really just down to finances - if money wasn't an object then we definitely would have another, and we wouldn't be on the breadline or anything but holidays abroad and those other wee extras might have to be put on hold for a few years which would make me feel bad for the two we already have. Plus my mil helps us out with childminding and I don't think it would be fair to land another baby on her so would have to sort out childcare. All a bit of a minefield. Would hate to look back in a few years when it is too late and regret not having another whereas if you had a baby, you would never regret it.
Your situation sounds a bit different though esp if your dh isn't too keen. Sorry to hear about your depression - that must be tough on you both. Let me know how you get on with the second test - hope you get the result you are wishing for.

Shoni Sun 28-Aug-11 21:38:45

Thank you! Still a negative result and still no period!! I've know a frequent urge to pee and it's only a little so I'm thinking I also have a water infection!! Oh the joys smile my depression is due to my past and know in adult hood things are over lapping but my therapist thinks I'm ready to leave therapy,, which is good but still worrying, I'm sorry your disappointed and I hope in the near future your finances and childcare turn to your advantages just mind to keep an extra room in your new house just in case smile I wish you and your family best of luck for the future I'm sure it'll all turn out the way you'd like it x

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