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Asthma diagnosis as an adult?

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lohby Sat 27-Aug-11 18:26:42

My DH developed a cough about 5 months ago, it is really uncomfortable to hear - loud and barking. If I am on the phone and he coughs in the background the person on the phone will ask if he is ok because it sounds so bad!

The coughing was happening mostly at night time and he had a slight wheeze afterwards.

He went to the Dr who prescribed a ventolin inhaler. My DH takes this when he starts to cough and it seems to help. The inhaler is now on a repeat prescription, he uses is 4-5 times a day after a coughing fit.

I am worried about him, I am pleased that the inhaler is helping him, but what is the cause? If it is asthma does he not need further tests to diagnose him? His peak flow is between 600 and 700 so that seems fine.

Nobody has taught him how to use the inhaler so I am not sure how efficiently he is using it. I have asked him to go back for more advice but he is reluctant because he is too lazy frankly.

Or is this it? He just has to use this inhaler throughout the day forever sad It seems such an inefficient solution.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 27-Aug-11 18:30:08

I was diagnosed with asthma last year. Nobody told me how to use the inhaler either so can sympathise.

Why not phone the surgery and book him in for an asthma review with the nurse. She can show him how to use the inhaler, check his peak flow and talk about using a preventer inhaler as well as the reliever one he has now.

lohby Sat 27-Aug-11 18:34:50

I have resisted phoning the surgery because he is a grown man and not a child and I feel he really must take responsibility for himself - if he can book meetings at work he can certainly book a drs appointment. However, as he is very busy burying his head in the sand I may well.

I have just asked him about it and he said "it's not asthma, I am fine, it just helps" ARGH

meg4health Sun 28-Aug-11 00:13:00

I am an allergy practitioner/homeopath and have seen a lot of people with coughs who have been given inhalers - often when it is not asthma. Coughs are often due to senstivities, which can develop at any time in reaction to foods or environmental substances, and are often the result of stress. This lowers the immune system and allows any slightly weak area to become susceptible.
The allergy method I use both tests for the causes and eliminates the sensitivities, and I have successfully stopped people coughing and got them off inhalers!

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 28-Aug-11 09:02:18

Totally get where you are coming from lobby, my DH was ill for about 18 months, constantly whinged and when I asked him to go to the doctors he kept saying "well, I don't feel like this all the time, I'll probably feel better by the time I get an appointment."

After 18 months, and one night when he was feeling particularly rough, I made him promise me he would ring the doctor and he would write down his symtoms. The doctor did some pretty thorough checks on him and it turns out his has low thyroid function.

The thing I don't get with them is that the cough must surely be irritating for him too so you would think he would want to get it sorted.

meg4health Sun 28-Aug-11 14:59:19

I'm sorry if my previous comment caused offence and led people to believe I was advertising my services. That's not how I operate - I was genuinely trying to offer help and advice and think it is very sad that current attitudes lead people to think that knowledge can't be spread without some gain. I just happen to be very passionate and knowledgeable about health and the fact that I do it for a living is immaterial, and I only mentioned what I do to show that my comments have validity and to help people to see that there is a possibility of getting better. As you can see, I didn't give any contact details or links. I won't bother trying to help in future!

orangeflutie Sun 28-Aug-11 16:01:10

lohby Could your DH be persuaded to have any allergy tests done if you get him to the doctors? If the coughing is worse at night which is typical with asthma it could be caused by dustmites or feathers in the bedroom. Another common cause is nasal drip, in which case a nasal spray may help him at night.

It does sound like he needs more help but it's difficult if he won't accept this.

meg4health I understand where you're coming from as I see you've mentioned allergies too. However if someone has used inhalers all their life it may be dangerous for them to stop using them. I have suffered with asthma since I was 7 and know that my inhalers work very well for me even though I'm allergic to feathers and dogs.

meg4health Sun 28-Aug-11 16:30:34

No, not everyone can come off them or it might only be a reduction, and as with any withdrawal it would be a very long process, and only after a lot of treatment. Anyway...I'm not allowede to post anything else under this name but wanted to set the record straight on that...I was only saying that it has been done!

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 16:33:35

Why on earth can't you post any more, meg4health????

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 16:35:08

If it's because you're a homeopath, and only bona fide NHS employees of any sort are allowed to give their opinions, then that is ridiculous.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 28-Aug-11 17:12:48

Am I missing some posts here? Who took offence at your posts?

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 17:18:38

I think MNHQ has asked her to stop posting. Just a guess, though.

meg4health Sun 28-Aug-11 17:19:06

Apparently some people thought I was trying to promote my services. Thank you for being supportive - will change my name and hopefully come back in a less health orientated guise!

CamillaSalander Sun 28-Aug-11 17:20:37

There are a lot of NHS workers on here, and complementary medicine is not welcomed. There are plenty of us on here, however, who are into complementary medicine; and we have learned not to mention it.

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