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Depo as treatment for Menstrual Migraines

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fruitloafrocks Sat 27-Aug-11 11:27:43

I have been advised to have the depo injection as a treatment for mentrual migraines that are not responding to other medications.

Is there anyone out there that has done this?

I'd really like to know how this has worked/not worked for real people... before I have something that will be in my system for several months.

A1980 Sat 27-Aug-11 21:37:43

I don't know about the depo as treatment for migraines.

But I do know that it is the worst form of contraception i have ever used. I put on weight, I bled non stop for about 3 months, I had constant vaginal inflammation (yes that is a rare side effect of it).....

Google it and you'll find a whole heap of people who have had severe problems on depo.

I would find another method of migraine control as depo is a bit extreme. One of my friends used the standard OCP. Apparently it works for menstrual migraines.

peanuthead Sun 28-Aug-11 20:10:31

be careful re OCP - that's what started my menstrual migriaines off....

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