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Travel insurance after a pulmonary embolism

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follyfoot Sat 27-Aug-11 11:16:13

DH had a PE in May (following surgery). We are going abroad on hols at the end of next week and really dont know what to do about travel insurance for him. Does anyone know of a company who might insure him? He's on warfarin and his INR is well controlled. Have posted in Travel too. Thanks

MindtheGappp Sat 27-Aug-11 11:18:11

We got travel insurance via our private medical insurance company (AXA-PPP).

follyfoot Sat 27-Aug-11 11:22:38

Ah, we dont have private health insurance.

clucky80 Sat 27-Aug-11 15:32:34

Hi Folly, I have alot of medical conditions, have had double organ transplants etc etc and I use Citybond Suretravel and have just got insurance from Worldwidetravelinsure and they were good too although they go into alot of detail! Allclear are also good but slightly more expensive. These are specialist medical insurers and they will have heard everything before. What I like is that they give you a print out with all the questions that you have answered and your responses. Some of these sites let you get a quote online so I usually do that and get a ballpark figure and then give them a ring and go through it on the phone. You might not need a specialist medical insurer though in which case you could try the more mainstream companies. Hope that helps and enjoy your holiday, you have obviously all been through alot this yearx

hellhasnofury Sun 28-Aug-11 21:24:53

We use Travel insurance Medical

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