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STD/GUM clinic

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meandmyhair Sat 27-Aug-11 09:59:56

Can anyone tell me what tests they do at a GUM/STV NHS clincic? Stupidly, had unprotected sex once and now feel I have to get tested. How long would the tests take? How do they tell you the result, either if it is pos or neg? Do the tests hurt? Thanks

lurcherlover Sat 27-Aug-11 11:17:48

They will do whatever tests you want - standard ones are HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea, and a couple of other minor ones. You can opt out of any you don't want to have, although if you've had unprotected sex it would make sense to get the whole lot done for peace of mind. They are very quick - some clinics are appointment only but most have drop-in sessions. It's all completely confidential (they won't even tell your GP you've been if you don't want them to, so it won't be on your medical records). The HIV and syphilis tests are blood tests and results are usually back within a week - they will tell you how you will get your results, whether in person or on the phone (results for minor STIs like chlamydia can be sent by text in many cases - don't worry, it's a very discreetly phrased text!). Other tests are usually swabs, similar to having a smear done - they're very quick and efficient at doing them. You will get those results either within an hour or up to a week later depending on the clinic. Be prepared to be asked some personal questions (eg if you've had oral or anal sex). But honestly, it's fine and all over with very quickly, and the staff are very professional and completely non-judgmental - it is true that they really have seen it all before!

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