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Valetude Fri 26-Aug-11 16:28:48

I feel like one of my ears is slightly tender, slightly swollen inside, definitely waxy. Can it be an infection? Cleaning it with an ear bud is a bit sore but it's the external skin inside that's sore, not the drum. I've never had my ears syringed or anything and I think there's definately wax there but I've never had this 'swollen' feeling before (it's been like this for months sad).

I know I should go to dr but it is 2 weeks at least for an appointment so I keep putting it off.

DeWe Fri 26-Aug-11 16:46:59

If you're having your ear syringed firstly you can get the nurse to check, and to do it. Secondly you need to put drops of oil (olive oil I think is what's recommended) for two weeks to loosen the wax before they can syringe it, so that would be good timing for a two week appointment. wink

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