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NHS Choice & Book

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Lulabelle Wed 24-Aug-11 12:53:00

I'm looking to find anyone who has used this service?

I'm trying to ascertain whether or not I can use this and choose my own hospital having already been seen by a consultant in a different hospital (to the one I'd prefer to have my op in). I know that you have to be referred by your GP to use this service but I think they have to have a very good reason for refusing you.

I have large bilateral dermoid ovarian cysts which need to be removed. I'm beyond terrified at the thought of having to go into hospital and it is the stay following the operation that is terrifying me. I'm emetophobic but my fear is that of others being sick, which is highly likely following an operation. My local hospital has no side rooms and despite talking to their patient liaison people I'm not reassured they will do anything to help me. I'm terrified of Norovirus, catching it and seeing the effects. I've also lost someone very very close to me recently who died following an operation at the hospital I have seen my consultant at and the thought of going there brings on attacks of anxiety.

Please do not read this and think that my request for my own room is rude, I'd do anything not to be like this and I realise that my burden (and it is a huge burden) can be done without to nursing staff. I hate to put on anyone and I'm more than aware that this phobia comes across as self centred and selfish sad

Just really want to know if it is even possible to change hospitals rfom anyone that has been in a similar situation.

Thanks for reading my post.

herbietea Wed 24-Aug-11 13:19:56

Message withdrawn

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