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Sorry another broken bone thread!

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ihearttc Tue 23-Aug-11 10:15:14

Anyone got any experience of broken ankles? We were at a farm park yesterday and my foot went into a large pot hole in the grass (it was completely covered by grass so I didn't even see it!) and my whole ankle twisted over. Absolute agony immediately afterwards so went to local minor injuries unit. They thought Id only done damage to the ligaments but because I couldn't weight bear on it they x-ray it and they "think" I've broken my ankle but it's not very clear from the x-ray.

They put some kind of temporary cast on it and they are reviewing x-ray today before I have to go back to fracture clinic tomorrow. My question is that today it doesn't really hurt at all. Obviously Ive got the cast on but can put my foot on the floor and weight bear on's a bit painful then but not massively so-haven't taken any painkillers today and was ok during the night. Im assuming (possibly wrongly!) that if it was broken then I would be in a lot more pain? Im seriously hoping it isn't broken-Ive got a 6 year old who I need to somehow drive to school in 2 weeks,an 8 month old who is nearly crawling and a DH who works abroad most of the time!

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