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Period hell :(

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cherrysmum Mon 22-Aug-11 21:58:07

Hi folks,
Ive always had horrendous periods, had laparoscopy to check for endo which found only a small amount, not proportional to the pain i was in, consultant thought i might have adenomyosis and i was given an awful injection to minic the menopause to see if i still got the pain, which i did but nothing by comparison. Then I became pregnant for the first time and now have a wonderful 8mth old daughter.
I started taking cerazette with my first period 8 weeks ago, i thought i was going to pass out from the pain, i thought the first period would be crap but it was horrendous, i bled heavily for 2 weeks and went to see GP who said that it my body adjusting to the new pill but i couldnt bare to take it any longer as i felt like i was being poisoned so i stopped taking it after the first packet. 2 days later it all stoped and i thought thank god for that. Since then, i have bled 4 times in 6 weeks and its been HELL. Sorry for the detail but i did think at one point i was in danger of bleeding to death, im now taking norethisterone to stop me bleeding. Which worked but now im still taking them but have been bleeding again,its stopped pretty much now but ive got the pain there all the time. I feel like im going to pass out, it hurts all down my legs, i feel sick and dizzy etc.

Im not entirely sure what i want anyone to say about it i was just wondering if this kind of thing happened to anyone else?

Also I had an emergency section as i had really severe pre-eclampsia, and now my scar area is still really painful pretty much all the way up to my tummy button, and always more so on the right hand side, the same side which has always had the worse period pain and the same side im going to having physio on my hip for post-SPD problems.
Any medically minded people out there able to shed any light on my problems? The pain in my stomach/hip area feels like someone is squeezing my insides together in their burning hot fist sad

Thanks for reading x

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