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dh and diet

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bath78 Mon 22-Aug-11 21:46:28

Dh has just been put on tablets for blood pressure. We both have very different diets. I normally cook for myself and dc and he snacks when he gets home.
This eve he cooked some chips in the deep fat fryer with a chunk of cheese and breakfast sausage.
How do I make him see that that is a heart attack waiting to happen. His father also died from a heart condition.

headfairy Mon 22-Aug-11 21:49:54

OMG that's a heart attack on a plate!

My dh has just started a diet and he's joined You track what you've eaten and it becomes very clear pretty quickly where your calories are coming from. It also shows exactly how much fat, sugar, carbs etc you should be eating each day. He should be able to work out that his meal this evening was probably a weeks worth of fat.

Dh has become a bit of a diet bore at the moment, he logs every single mouthful, but I'm grateful he's tackling it because his dad has high cholesterol, dh is heading that way too and he wasn't healthy at all.

hillyhilly Mon 22-Aug-11 21:51:08

Mine's not as bad as that but if you find ther answer please let me know, all that happens if I try to get him to address it/ change is that we both end up unhappy - him through being nagged and me through being so frustrated.
No advice really just sympathy, you are not alone and the only person that can make the life and more importantly attitude changes necessary is him.
I do cook for my DH and he eats it, thats one big thing, not sure if you could ensure that he eats what you've cooked rather than fried crap

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