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Aching jaw and clenching teeth

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mindermummy Mon 22-Aug-11 14:55:38

Just been to dentist as this has gone on for weeks and been told it was aching jaw and me tensing teeth in night (which i know as in the morning my teeth and jaw kill!!)

Said it was stress related; which is about right at mo

Have others had this and what advice would u give to help pain, discomfort and sleeping (as im not much with it)

thank you

differentnameforthis Mon 22-Aug-11 15:25:04

I am an habitual grinder at night, so I wear a mouth guard. Did your dentist not give you any ideas as to what would help?

mindermummy Mon 22-Aug-11 15:28:26

he said to give few more thinks my stress that i explained will go in few weeks...and he thinks so will the pain and teeth clenching.

he said if in 2 weeks its still there he would make a mouth guard for nights.

He said to take pain killers, eat soft foods, rest jaw as much as poss, and to have a glass of wine/alchol before bed to relax joint!!!! (lol....i was well chuffed i was being told to drink each night!!!!! ..only in moderation of course!!!!)

and wait for now and see

It aches all day too......really off putting

differentnameforthis Mon 22-Aug-11 15:36:29

OK, you can do jaw exercises before you go to sleep & also when you wake up. Really, all I do is open & close my jaw several times, stretching it fairly wide, but not as wide as it will go, if that makes sense. Massages the muscles as I do so.

Also open & close (not completely closed) in quick succession.

During the day, is it possible that you clench? If so, when you notice you are doing it, put your tongue in between your upper & lower teeth for a a few minutes. That breaks the cycle when I clench during the day!

Anti inflammatories too, if you can take them.

differentnameforthis Mon 22-Aug-11 15:37:26

Oh & I also move my jaw side to side!

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