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SPD/Pelvic Girdle Pain - Why won't it go away?

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CrumblyMumbly Sun 21-Aug-11 15:20:03

My dd is 11 months old now and I'm still suffering with pelvic girdle pain as it's now called. Some days are worse than others and it feels like I've been kicked by a horse and my pubic bone is going to split in two! GP just says it takes time and usual advice about sleeping with pillow between legs/not pushing shopping trolley/vacuum blah blah blah. Is anyone in same situation and would/has physio helped? I don't want to be hobbling after my daughter when she starts running.

Madlizzy Sun 21-Aug-11 15:23:27

I'd be asking for a referral now. 11 months is a long time.

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