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abnormal cells, smear test result

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babycarmen Fri 19-Aug-11 21:56:43

Hi there, when i got my smear done last year it came back saying i had abnormal cells, only minor changes so to have another test in 6 months, which i got earlier this year, i didnt worry too much as i was told they would most likely go away, again that came back saying abnormal cells again and id need a furthur test in 6 months.
That test would be due next month but im now pregnant with my second child(due feb) so the test wont be repeated til after i have the baby. I was told if the 3rd test came back abnormal id have to get a coloposcopy (sp?)

Basically im posting because i cant stop thinking about it and worrying about it which is probably stupid, im just wondering if anyone has experience with this and what happened. Thanks!

BelaLugosihasalicencetoswear Fri 19-Aug-11 22:21:47

Ok, well about 6-7% of smear tests each year have minor changes. The changes are often gone at the next test, but sometimes they don't go for at least 12 months.
The reason for colposcopy on a third one is for a check up and so a colposcopist can have a look at your cervix.
I'm assuming that you've seen your GP about having the test which is due next month and they said not to repeat it until you're post natal?
The NHS CSP guidelines say that if you are on follow up for a previous abnormal test then the follow up can be done mid-trimester (it doesn't say which trimester though!).
Minor changes are caused by things such as infections, hormones, and physical things such as using a coil.

The colposcopists' website has some more info.
I understand you being worried as its an odd situation so I'd suggest seeing your GP for a chat.

babycarmen Fri 19-Aug-11 22:32:58

Thanks for repyling, i know everything will probably be fine i just cant help worrying.
It was my midwife who told me id get it post natally when i told her about it at my booking in appointment. I will probably get my appointment through from the nurse soon so will phone her and explain im pregnant and see what she says?
Thanks for the reply and the link!

BelaLugosihasalicencetoswear Fri 19-Aug-11 22:50:57

Yes I'd suggest having a chat with the practice nurse as they're more up to date with screening guidance and take most of the smear tests.
Have you had your invite letter through? Some practices will send you an appointment and others expect you to make one.
You're likely to get a reminder letter in 2-3 months if you don't at least have a chat with the nurse and agree what's happening. The screening database is set to send a few letters each time until a new test result is added or a reason why the woman isn't having one.

Good luck, and please try not to worry, but do go for your follow up whenever it's decided to have it smile

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