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External piles, really hideous, anyone got any experience?

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dodgybum Thu 18-Aug-11 23:07:51

I had a 5kg baby 9 years ago, 2 years after a 4.5kg one.

After DC2 had a huge and badly stitched episiotomy. Perineum drastically shortened and muscles not properly reattached.

I ended up with a rectocele and chronic constipation. Had a successful posterior repair about three years ago.

But I have really terrible external piles. These are not the sore ones that bleed and hang down from inside, it's more like lots of gathered, puckered swellings around the outside of the anus. I think they've got worse gradually but have suddenly dropped off a cliff. I had a look with a mirror and nearly died. I've been googling photos and can't find any worse than mine.

I've just come through a messy divorce and am feeling fit and trying to be optimistic. But I don't know how I can ever think about having sex with another man because of this. I've met someone on the internet, he's lovely, lots of sexy chat, it's been fun but he wants to meet and I can't face it. I feel like part of my life is over for good.

I went to GP today and I've asked her to refer me to a colorectal surgeon. I just want a normal arsehole again. It's itchy and it feels like I'm sitting on something all the time. But the main thing I mind is how it looks.

Anyone had these? And got them fixed?


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