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Burch's Colposuspension anyone?

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cardamomginger Thu 18-Aug-11 09:45:33

Have a variety of birth injuries and problems - cystocele, rectocele, detached puborectalis, adhesions, urinary stress incontinence - and I am coming close to deciding on the surgeries that I will have.
Had urodynamics last week and I saw my gynae yesterday to discuss. He is up in the air about whether a Burch's colposuspension is appropriate to sort out the incontinence, or whether to do a polypropelene tension-free vaginal tape. There's pros and cons to both of these. At the moment I feel like I am willing to take the longer and more painful recovery time that comes with Burch's and the need for a second round of surgery (the prolapse stuff would need to be done separately) on the basis that there is more data that Burch's provides a good and pretty much permanent repair. Has anyone had a Burch's colposuspension? What was recovery like? How do you feel now? Were you offered an alternative and are you glad you chose Burch?
Thanks everyone X

cardamomginger Thu 18-Aug-11 09:46:26

PS - if you have had a Burch's, did you go on to have another pregnancy? Did this mess up the repair?

cardamomginger Thu 18-Aug-11 20:10:19


ameliagrey Fri 19-Aug-11 17:42:08

Sorry can't really help but I had a friend who had this done after a repair failed. As far as I know it cured her leakage (I don't see or talk to her much now) but I do know that a few years later she had a hysterectomy. I think that was more for fibroids etc than prolapse.

Have you thought about asking for a 2nd opinion from another gynae as they all have different ideas?

cardamomginger Sat 20-Aug-11 21:42:01

Thanks amelia. Got a second opinion on Friday. She said her preference is for TVT over colposuspension due to the longer recovery period and the fact that she prefers to operate through the vagina, rather than through the abdomen. I asked her that in the hypothetical situation where recovery time for colposuspension and TVT was the same, and it was possible to do colposuspension through the vagina, what would she recommend. She said that in that case she would said colposuspension because it doesn't involve introducing a foreign object. I am leaning in that direction - I'm 39 and would rather take increased pain and discomfort now and be more sure of a repair that will last. Hard one though!

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