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In which order should I take my RA drugs ?

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Guaparesaca Thu 18-Aug-11 09:14:35

Hello there

I have posted here about my RA before- a few weeks ago about how crappy I was feeling on Methotrexate and folks replied with some very good advice so was hoping someone could come along again and help.

I am now on Leflunomide (10mg to start) coupled with Diclofenac, I usually take these in the morning, after some breakfast. So far so good, definitely no nausea (hurrah !) though perhaps some of the lovely reported side effect of blush 'loose bowels,' a heck of a lot better though and my RA seems to be fairly controlled, my joints are not too sore.

I am wondering though how to slot in the Omeprazole into my routine- have been a bit slack at taking it recently as was so taken up with the dreaded methotrexate ! Am now a bit worried about my poor stomach, have been getting quite a bit of trapped wind. I believe I should be taking it on an empty stomach so thinking should take it first thing in the morning, maybe before I even get out of bed. Does anyone have a drug routine that works for them ?

Thanks in anticipation everyone !

bagelmonkey Thu 18-Aug-11 10:11:25

Don't know about order of tablets, but it's best to take the omeprazole in the morning.

Guaparesaca Thu 18-Aug-11 20:59:47

Cheers bagelmonkey ! Will try from tomorrow morning.

wonkylegs Thu 18-Aug-11 21:16:26

A bit of trial and error I'm afraid is probably the only way
I don't take the same meds but here's what I do.
I take my anti inflams (etodolac) in the evening, mtx on a Saturday night, folic acid on a tuesday, Humira Friday nights, painkillers (as and when) and I'm currently taking anti sickness in the morning as I'm also on antibiotics for infection which they found on the anti tnf screening sad which make me v. Sick

I tend to try to take stuff that makes me feel sicky before bed and sleep through the worst of it

Guaparesaca Fri 19-Aug-11 12:21:26

Golly wonky you must be rattling with pills ! I'm sorry to hear you're feeling yucky, I always did my Metho jab right before bed so that I could sleep through the worst of the nausea. Don't you think sometimes we are between the devil and the deep blue sea with medication- the side effects seem more hellish than the RA ?!

Hope you feel better soon

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