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Heart attack - complication of pregnancy

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magicmaggles Wed 17-Aug-11 15:15:42

Hi all,

Am new to Mumsnet, so hello to all. Just wondering if this has happened to anybody. I am 40 years and my 4th child is nearly 4 months old and eight days after his birth I had a heart attack (I didn't have high blood pressure, don't smoke, didn't have a cholesterol problem, am not obese - so none of the usual suspects). Seemingly, it is rare and caused by hormones which caused an artery to tear.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have now developed heart failure and the docs are trying to manage that. Am not feeling so bad as they have changed the doseage of the medication a few times. So I'm just wondering if this has happened to anybody else or perhaps someone you know of someone. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank god it happened after the birth. My son is doing great and a joy to me.

Thanks again.

Elibean Wed 17-Aug-11 18:21:09

Hi and welcome smile and, a huge congrats on your little ds.

That all sounds hugely traumatic, am so glad they have sorted your medication at least...

I can't really help, but wanted to say 'welcome' and bump your thread, in the hope someone else can help. I do remember, when I was in hospital having my second dd (at 46!) one of the other mums on the unit had a very similar experience to you. By the time I left a week later, she was on the mend and doing well - and I know she was in her 30s. But thats all I know.

Hoping you get some advice/support soon, and wishing you well with ongoing recovery/coping - also hope you have some help with your 4 dc, a lot of work without health problems to boot!

magicmaggles Wed 17-Aug-11 22:17:22

Hi Elibean,

Thanks a mil for the welcome and the reply. Hopefully, somebody who has info/advice might be in touch.


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