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could constipation be causing vaginal pain?

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emeraldgirl1 Tue 16-Aug-11 17:50:03

...and other enticing questions!!

I've had vaginal pain/ache for about 3 weeks (left side, intermittent) and constipation for about 1 week longer than that. I don't know what's causing the constipation - I am taking meds that do cause constipation but I've been on them for around a year now and the initial constipation they caused eased after a couple of months several months ago.

The only other thing I can think that could be causing the pain in vagina is an infection - I stupidly disregarded the pain and had sex with DH at the weekend and promptly came down with awful cystitis for which I am now on antibiotics. This makes me wonder if I had an infection in the vagina and the sex pushed it northwards IYSWIM blush. But I can't think of any reason why I'd have got an infection in my vagina - only possible thing I've been doing differently in the recent past is using tampons instead of towels when I get AF and I was very hygienic about that!!

But - though the cystitis symptoms and pain are gradually easing today the nagging intermittent ache in my vagina is still there.

Needless to say I'm still constipated!!!

Isn't life grand sometimes?

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