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root canal and now surgery anyone

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choclab Mon 15-Aug-11 20:05:20

Hi , can anyone help or had similar thing ...

Had root canal on 2 teeth back in may after discovering infection and nerve died in one had then traveled to the one next to it ...
so double lot of root canal ...sad

now been bit tender , so had another x-ray to discover root still showing infection , so got AB , but dentist has mentioned may have to have surgery as a poss cyst may be the cause ans only way to sort out is surgery , through the gum rather than tooth ...

im freaking out now .....hes going to look into it and see what is the best action to take ...

or was mention of removing whole tooth and root , and have a bridge ...

all sounds awful , any one had similar ....

herbietea Mon 15-Aug-11 20:22:56

Message withdrawn

ThePosieParker Mon 15-Aug-11 20:25:58

I had my tooth out today because half way through root canal I had no childcare and was beginning to get infections in my bone, the tooth is very far back but I feel my mortality today! I cried at the dentistsad.

So do it, you'll be fine. Also my dentist offers implants for £1300.

choclab Mon 15-Aug-11 20:33:55

thanks , sounds tricky ....
my dentist is seeking advice els where and going to get back to me with options if any ...

the word surgery sounds scary ...he said it would be with sedation ...

the root canal was a job for him .....,

i guessing he will come back with surgery or tooth out and bridge of some kind , ...and guessing what ever i have will be costly as also hes private .!!!shock

choclab Mon 15-Aug-11 21:09:41

is it quite common with root canal to get this sort of problem

choclab Tue 16-Aug-11 12:40:38


poppydog2 Tue 16-Aug-11 13:43:41

Hopefully within the next 24 hours the antibiotics will kick in and then at least you should be less tender. I would check if the dentist feels reroot treating the tooth would work. Sometimes if the filler isn't to the correct length or the canal hasn't been properly cleaned redoing it can work. However your dentist should give you his honest opinion. If he does feel surgery is neccessary then sedation could make the whole event a little easier if you are stressed...and the easiest option of all is the extraction!!! Hope it gets cleared up soon though! PS i am a dentist!!!!

choclab Tue 16-Aug-11 16:39:37

Thank you very much poppydog ,

My dentist has said to me he can see from x-ray yesterday that the root canal he had done is all fine , at the time he did have a tricky job doing it and explained about rood canal length etc ,he said he was 100% happy with what he had done with both canals .

i do have total faith in him and feel as though he has done and doing his very best for me and talked me through it all every step of the way , he as i said before going to talk to a proffesor he is on a course with in london for advice , as he feels surgery is an option , poss not the only one ..i hope ....
he did say AB should help but poss just a tempory option , as needs to get to infection/cyst to treat properly ...

im thinking if extraction is better long term then that may be way forward , maybe more root canal treatment or surgery could not garentee the future will be infection free , i dont know ,what ever he does will be costly im sure ..

i just wish the AB would cure it all with out need for anything els ...feel bit down about it all sad

anyway thanks again for listening appreciate it .grin

herbietea Tue 16-Aug-11 18:26:30

Message withdrawn

choclab Tue 16-Aug-11 18:29:15

thanks , so will tooth removal be better option to remove infection i wonder hmm

herbietea Tue 16-Aug-11 18:35:57

Message withdrawn

choclab Tue 16-Aug-11 18:44:59

thanks , its fine , just a bit of a shock having gone through 1 1/2 hours root canal then to do all again on other tooth 3 weeks later sick of my teeth ..
and now this ....i knew something wasnt quite right , he was so very thorough while he did it all , i felt for him to as was obviously a tricky procedure ...

iv had alot of work done to my teeth through the years having spent like otheres a decade or so terrified of dentists , found him 8 years or so now and he is fantastic and i do know he will be doing the best for me ...

just scary and a pain as not so straight forward ...
im thinking tooth out if theres chances may not work and have to have re-done ...

thanks for listening , how was yours in the end ?

choclab Wed 17-Aug-11 07:37:29

tender still ...hope ABs will kick in today sad
teeth angry

herbietea Wed 17-Aug-11 09:14:41

Message withdrawn

choclab Wed 17-Aug-11 21:09:08

Glad all seem ok , now , so you didnt have tooth out then ? mine seems to be settling a bit day 2 &1/2 of AB ...

feel a bit nauseous on them though ...sad but ok starting to work will continue as only 2 days to go ...

wait and see what he comes back with in a few days ...

the thought of GA is so scary sad thik id rather have tooth out than that ...!!!
although iv got to have an op on my knee in a few months time [hm] shock great if can do at same time grin ....
and a boob job to oh and along with face lift and bit of lipo ....wink

AmyStake Thu 18-Aug-11 01:52:16

I had a root canal in a molar years ago. At the time the drill bit broke and got filled in inside my tooth. I had no idea and had small abcesses for years which came and went. Only realised when I switched dentists and they did an xray.

Was offered apidectomy and was told that it might not make much difference cos of the drill bit, so I went away to think about it. In the meantime my tooth suddenly started absolutely killing me so I just thought sod this and had it whipped out. There was a huge abscess on the root of the tooth and the dentist told me even if I'd had the apidectomy done it would never have fixed that. Urgh it was horrible, like chewing gum stuck on the root.

So glad it's gone!

choclab Thu 18-Aug-11 07:34:34

oh dear ......

sounds grim.....hope ok now ...

waiting to here what suggestions will be made for me hmm

AB working i think ..but still feel nauseous .....yukkk

choclab Sat 20-Aug-11 08:15:51

stopped ABs as called to check , they said to stop .....shame as felt were working ....but glad not to feel sick anymore .....given me other ones to try ...if flares up .....which it is i think so will see how today goes hen start new lot ..sad
if theres any dentist out there or people who have had similar problem keen to here what you would do if u was me ..have it out or try surgery guessing there my only options dentist now away for a week so have to wait for his options ..hmm

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