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pressure in bladder - can't sleep :(

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emeraldgirl1 Mon 15-Aug-11 02:09:04

I can't sleep due to sensation of pressure and lowgrade pain in my bladder. It's not like cystitis I've had in the past where you can't hold onto your pee for more than 15-20 mins and then it burns when you do pee. All it is is pressure and slightly painful tingling in bladder area. But it's enough that I can't sleep. I've been googling (because I'm a masochist) and it sounds like the symptoms of something called interstitial cystitis which sounds awful. Anyone had any experience of this or anything else that causes bladder pressure?

I'm convinced it's linked to a hot wax I had a couple of weeks ago - I had a mild intermittent pain in vaginal area the next day which didn't get worse but didn't get better for last 2 weeks. Then today, out of the blue, this sensation started in bladder. It wasn't great all day but now it's worse.

Should I go to my GP with this? or try to treat at home for a couple of days and see what happens?

Thanks in advance anyone!!!

kittensliveupstairs Mon 15-Aug-11 06:32:31

Hope you've managed to go to sleep. IIWY, I'd visit my GP. I don't know what interstitial cystitis is but it sounds nasty.
I doubt that the wax you had was connectd to this episode, unless the waxer did something unsavoury to your urethra.

emeraldgirl1 Mon 15-Aug-11 07:19:16

thanks kittens!! I finally got a couple of hours around 4am sad I think I will try to get an appointment, it's really odd sensation and the one thing I'm sure of now is that I'm not just imagining it!

emeraldgirl1 Mon 15-Aug-11 08:05:52

I also have a dull ache in my lower abdomen now and feel a little nauseous. That happens sometimes with regular cystitis, right?

Timetochange70 Mon 15-Aug-11 10:21:56

sounds like a bladder infection tbh . you need to collect a sample to take to gp and drink gallons .Couple of paracetamol regularly while waiting to see gp will help ease discomfort .Try cranberry. X

emeraldgirl1 Mon 15-Aug-11 10:32:02

thanks timetochange!! Hadnt even thought about painkillers, I'm in a bit of a state!!! will toddle off and do that now smile

emeraldgirl1 Mon 15-Aug-11 10:45:35

am being dim here but can I take anadin as a painkiller for (probable) cystitis/bladder infection?

kittensliveupstairs Mon 15-Aug-11 11:49:07

Yes, asprin and paracetamol are completely different drugs.

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