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odd intermittent pain left side of vagina

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emeraldgirl1 Sun 14-Aug-11 17:26:22

Does anyone have any explanation for what this might be??! It feels almost like it's bruised up there, IYSWIM, which (sadly) has nothing to do with passionate sex with Daniel Craig wink - DH and I (he's not Daniel Craig, btw) have actually only had sex twice since this pain started, a couple of weeks ago, and the sex wasn't painful at all, also the pain was no worse after. Also, even calling it 'pain' isn't accurate - it's a dull throb, roughly every 10 mins or so, that I actually only notice if I'm sitting quietly and still. But it is most definitely there. I feel it as soon as I wake in the morning.

The only thing I could possibly link it to would be a Brazilian hot-wax I had the day before this started - that sounds like it has to have been the cause as I've never had this pain before and it was the first time I'd had a hot-wax version of the Brazilian, and at one point I thought I felt the wax go a bit further in than I'd have liked. BUT the pain is very much further up inside than the Brazilian wax went - hard to say but it feels like it's three or four inches up inside.

It's starting to freak me out a little as it's not going away. Should I bother the GP with this? I'll feel pretty silly saying, "Well, I have this mild intermittent pain in my places... no other symptoms..."(!)

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