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vickylou2004 Sun 14-Aug-11 06:56:18

I'm having a fasting blood test in the morning and been told not to eat anything after 7pm which isn't a problem. But is it right that I can only drink water? HELP!!

giraffesCantZumba Sun 14-Aug-11 08:00:45

go to a cafe after and treat yourself to a tea and cake.

giraffesCantZumba Sun 14-Aug-11 08:01:11

go to a cafe after and treat yourself to a tea and cake.

Iamseeingstars Sun 14-Aug-11 09:24:05

I would recommend you take some food and drink with you to take straight after. In my experience I have found that I have been too weary to go hunting for a cafe and want a drink straight away. It depends on your hospital facilities and the local shops though

Yes you can only drink water. Otherwise it throws the results

babycham42 Sun 14-Aug-11 09:28:13

Ithink you"ll find is less hard than you think (I"m a coffee monster) so don"t worry! Take a cuppa in one of those insulated cups.Be careful though not to get up in the morning and just eat something on auto.Hope your appointment is not too late!

vickylou2004 Sun 14-Aug-11 18:02:07

Thanks for the messages! My appointment is at 11.30. Will be very hungry and thirsty. My husband thinks I won't be able to drink water either? Going to check now.

orangeflutie Sun 14-Aug-11 19:44:00

I've had a few fasting blood tests. You can drink water but it's a bit harsh that your appointment isn't until 11.30.

A1980 Mon 15-Aug-11 00:31:46

You'll be fine. Lots of my friends and co-workers are Muslim and are currently not eating or drinking for 4am to 9pm. You're allowed water at least, you'll be fine.

You can drink water.

You'll be fine it is only one morning. Just have a vat of tea after to compensate grin

vickylou2004 Mon 15-Aug-11 07:13:53

Thanks for the comments. I googled it and came to realise drinking water was ok.
I feel depressed not having my morning cup, it's so wierd! Yes I'll be drinking lots of tea later!

babycham42 Mon 15-Aug-11 07:26:29

Morning vickylou! Keep busy!You"ll get there!

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