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pain- appendix, ovulation,ectopic or wind?

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bananapirate Sat 13-Aug-11 08:31:27

or just me being a hypochondriac!
I had it last month around ovulation time, very painful, but went within a day or two
Woke up with it again this morning. right hand side, where you would expect your ovaries to be. throbbing pain, It's not ovulation time.

bagelmonkey Sat 13-Aug-11 08:47:51

Did the pain wake you up? If it woke you from sleep you should probably get checked out.
Are you TTC?

bananapirate Sat 13-Aug-11 09:07:29

no, 2 3yr olds woke me up! the pain is not bad enough to wake me up, but when i woke up I had the pain
yes ttc, but very little action last month

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