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can anyone help with mil adjusting to living back at home after hospital stay please

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lia66 Thu 11-Aug-11 21:59:09

hi all,

Mil had perforated ulcer I think, noone really seems to know, my dh or his bro), had abdominal surgery and was in hosp for 17 days. She came out yesterday to my bil's house.

She wants to come to our house and I really don't mind having her here but i have 5 dc's at home, and i go out for a signifiant portion of the day every day. It's the school holidays, and the kids need to get out for part of each day, andd so do I.

sil has informed me mil can't go out cos she's wobbly and dizzy, can't manage stairs on her own and is depressed.

My dh works away during the weekk and comes home on Fridays.

Questions are Can we get some kind of suppoort for her? I dunno, physio? Carer or something, money is not a huuge issue.

Many thanks, am gonna post this in chat too, might get more traffic

lia66 Thu 11-Aug-11 22:09:00


exoticfruits Thu 11-Aug-11 22:25:03

How old is she? Age concern are very helpful with advice. They have an office in most towns.

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