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Not sure what to make of this- heavy period /wiped out/anxiety or hormonal mess?

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LeCielEstBleu Thu 11-Aug-11 08:46:23

Hi this will probably be quite long and confused!Not sure whether to have posted it in the mental health section . Can't get to docs until monday or tuesday really, although I would probably prefer to get by without going at all as long as I can stop myself worrying.
Felt a bit grotty and tired over the past month, thought it was all the end of term rushing around. On day seven of a period at the moment which has been heavy and was around 8-10 days later than usual (I'm usually 25/26 day cycle) and had awful breast pain this time. Used to be on Venlafaxine, (took it for bad generalized anxiety/cfs type symptoms, never thought I was particularly depressed) reduced gradually and came off in April under doctors supervision (the venlafaxine causes weight gain & didn't think it was needed any more.) Have some tingling in the face , hands and feet which is the usual pattern of all this for me and have had loads of tests for various things in the past which have drawn a blank. I have taken Evening Primrose oil on & off(also taking a few iron tablets over the last few days because I,ve been borderline anaemic in the past) but probably haven,t given this enough time to work. I am a bit reluctant to got to the doctors because I think they'll just think I,m nuts and put me straight back on AD's .
Sorry it's a bit garbled, suppose I'm just looking for any suggestions or anyone with similar experience or advice.

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