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Cerazette as birth control

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canyou Wed 10-Aug-11 22:47:05

Ok am on it because of painful periods, it is working and have no probs but when I went in for a repeat prescription the Dr said as I went out the door 'Remember if you want to discuss birth control the Gyne Dr is available on x day as what you have is not suitable' Is Cerazette not a good contraceptive pill? I am a bit confused
And yes I am an idiot that I just nodded my head and said great thanks and did not question him.

catonlap Wed 10-Aug-11 22:58:48

Cerazette is effective contraception as long as taken correctly so sounds like a strange thing for dr to say. Unless are you on other medications of any sort? A few things could interfere with the metabolism of the pill and reduce the contraceptive effect so is there any chance this is what they were meaning?

canyou Wed 10-Aug-11 23:09:28

Thank you Catonlap, I take it every day at the same time or within an hr of that time at most, am not on any other meds and cerazette has dealt with all the pain etc so really do not want to change. Just wondered had I missed something I might ask the chemist tomorrow as I really do not want to fork out another Euro 60 to ask why, again I am an idiot not to have gone back in and asked why.

catonlap Thu 11-Aug-11 08:33:30

Well it does seem really odd.
cerazette is over 99% effective if taken correctly, although obviously higher failure rate if people miss pills.

Maybe it was the doctor's way of saying contraception wasn't really his thing and so to get the correct advice you would need to see someone with up to date knowledge of the issue?? Although he didn't put that message across very clearly, that is what I suspect may be the case.

There is also a move towards encouraging use of longer acting contraception (implant/coil/injection) as there is a lower overall failure rate with these (because people don't need to remember to take them every day and if you have a stomach upset then absorption is not affected). While that does not mean the pill is not a valid option for someone who feels it suits them and their lifestyle, again if the Dr is not really one who deals with contraceptive issues, they might have taken the wrong message from this guidance and think that it means the pill is no longer good enough full stop.

If you look in the pack at the patient info leaflet it should state the advice about the use of cerazette as a contraceptive.

littleshinyone Thu 11-Aug-11 09:05:42

sounds like he wasn't very confident about contraceptive advice!!! it sounds as though much of the appointment was to based around the fact that you were on cerzette, and even if he didn't know off the top of his head, he should have swallowed his pride and found out.... you shouldn't have to be a Dr with a specialist interest in contraception to know about cerazette ffs!

totallt agree with cantonlap.

on the whole, progesterone only pills are a bit less effective than combined ones, however, cerezette is a different beast, and is as effective as a combined pill.

it has already been pointed out that no contraception is 100%, but used effectively you can be fairly confident. yes, there are moves to get more women on contraceptives they don't have to remember every day, but there are very good reasons to be on cerazette for many women, and it's a good, reliable contraception!

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