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Can anyone tell me what happens if I forgot to take Clexane?

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Orbinator Wed 10-Aug-11 21:17:04

I had a C-section on 4th Aug and they injected me with 40mg of Clexane for the following 2 days. I since remembered to take 1 but was meant to take 4 (x1 a day). I realise it is for anti-clotting and was critical in the operating theatre but I have been moving about a lot since leaving the hospital and spent about 4 hours in town today walking in and back... I just want to know if I should take one today really as although I am moving I wonder if internally things may be clotting that aren't connected with patients doing bed rest?

StagnantRabbit Wed 10-Aug-11 21:24:13

I'd say if it was prescribed for you you should take. I was on this after c-section too. My understanding of it was that it was given to try and prevent deep vein thrombosis which you are prone too after sugery/prolonged period of bed rest. I was also given TED stockings which were like compression stockings.
Sounds like youre doing plenty of walking which is good but my advice would be to err on the side of caution and take them.

Orbinator Wed 10-Aug-11 21:29:49

Yes, when I realised today I thought that but it would have been my last yesterday or day before (bit of a muddle with dates :-\) and as I wasn't really doing bed rest just wasn't sure if I should take them now or just leave it? I wore the stockings for 2 days after being discharged too, sexy huh? When did you have yours?

StagnantRabbit Wed 10-Aug-11 21:42:12

How many have you taken/missed? Are you still seeing the midwife? You could take one tonite then call the m/w or maybe the post natal ward tomorrow to see what they say. I'd personally just do one tonite then finish them off daily. Just a little prick! (as my DP used to say when I was doing them!?!)
Yeah loved the TEDs more than life itself!! Plus only had one pair so they were constantly in the wash - am sure that may have interfered with their elasticity! Took them off after a week I think.
Ah the joys of c section eh?!

HarrietJones Wed 10-Aug-11 21:53:33

I had 6 weeks of them and my GP was v scepticalof them as it's sucha low chance of anything happening. Unfortunately you could always be that one. I'd just carry on until they ate done.

Orbinator Wed 10-Aug-11 21:57:29

6 WEEKS!? Blimey! As I said I went critical in the OT and thought maybe it was something to do with that rather than bed rest, but they told me to only take half of the box (apparently it's too expensive to get half boxes?) and drop the rest back if I could hmm I think it's gone past my last day I was meant to take them so now not sure if taking them would be worse for me if I don't need them...saw MW yesterday and seeing her again on Fri so guess I'll ask her.

SR I decided to be scabby and just shower in my TEDS in the hospital - I couldn't actually get them off without help anyway and the thought of trying to get them back on, pfffft!

HarrietJones Thu 11-Aug-11 08:25:34

They use risk factors. Weight, previous c-section, lack of mobility( I was on crutches) were mine

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