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What do I do? Got diarroeah (sp?), keep starving myself but keeps recurring!!

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sleighbells Sun 04-Dec-05 13:58:03

That title sounds stupid but I've never had diarroeah that lasts for more than 2 hours before (and I'm 30). It started at 11am on Thursday and by 3pm I was empty (TMI) and felt 99% better. I was starving, so I had a v. small portion of tomatoey pasta at 9pm and a couple biscuits. I was ill again at 2am . Saturday- felt fine all day but didn't eat til 9pm again (so had starved myself for 24hrs). I only had 2 dry biscuits, a dry cracker and some white bread! Then at 4am this morning, it happened again. I really thought I was better when I went to bed last night.

What do I do? Starve myself for 48 hrs? Does this sound like food poisoning or a bug? With either, I thought I would have other symptoms- I feel fine! The day before, I was ridiculously cold and had a v. slight headache. Would really appreciate any clues! x

SantaClausFrau Sun 04-Dec-05 13:59:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eve Sun 04-Dec-05 14:24:23

flat coke is supposed to be good for an upset stomach.

PantomimEDAMe Sun 04-Dec-05 14:25:52

Get some 'friendly bacteria' (one of those yoghurt drinks) to help your digestive system. And just take water and starve yourself. Unless you are desperately hungry, in which case dry crackers only, IME.

sleighbells Sun 04-Dec-05 14:28:55

I know the tomato sauce with the pasta was stupid but the other things I've eaten have been really bland. Will flat coke not feed the bug? I've actualy been drinking really weak blackcurrant squash because I'm starving but maybe that is a mistake too. I just think it's odd that I feel absolutely fine but the problem has obviously not gone away.

SantaClausFrau Sun 04-Dec-05 14:30:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleighbells Sun 04-Dec-05 14:32:50

Thanks PD, I will get some of the yoghurt drinks. I hate yoghurts at the best of times but will give it a go. I am absolutely starving. I haven't kept anything in since sometime on weds!

sleighbells Sun 04-Dec-05 14:34:22

But I drink blackcurrant squash all the time with no probs. I think it is defo the food that caused the probs but will stick to water anyway.

PantomimEDAMe Sun 04-Dec-05 14:51:53

You have to starve yourself. Blackcurrent squash is fine when you are well, but not when you have food poisoning/tummy bug. Plain water and dry crackers if you must eat.

LIZS Sun 04-Dec-05 14:52:47

I had this a month or so back on holiday and basically didn't eat much for a week or more. Drink loads of water, very weak diluted juice/squash, flat coke or Dioralyte from the chemist and take probiotics which help get your gut balanced with the good digestive bacteria (as yoghurt based drinks, live yoghurt or in pill/powder form). I was still runny (sorry if tmi) for at least a week after the worst was over (originally it was diagnosed as viral but then as it persisted for so long bacterial so had ab's which made it worse). It took almost 2 weeks from onset for me to regain any appetite. First week I ate nothing at all. In second week I kept to small portions of really bland foods, soups such as thin chicken based ones or carrot soup, rice, toast, Actimel drinks and progressed onto fruit smoothies and meals with chicken and steamed veg. Was advised at first to avoid dairy and fat but then the gp told me to eat whatever I fancied - confused ?!

Hope you recover very soon.

Bugsy2 Sun 04-Dec-05 15:08:32

Try Dioralyte Relief. It doesn't bung you up and keep all that horrible poison inside you, but it contains rice powder and does help with the cramps.
Keep drinking loads of fluid & eat very bland food like: boiled rice, dry crackers or dry toast. If you are feeling shaky, then weak black tea with sugar in it should help. Try not to eat any fatty stuff or acid juices which will be harder for your digestion system to work on.
The probiotic drinks (Yakult, Actimel) are supposed to help regulate gut flora, so could be worth giving them a go too.
I'm not a doctor or in any way qualified to give advice, but I get similar symptoms from time to time and the above is what helps me.

Atomicstockinghanger Sun 04-Dec-05 15:14:31

I have Crohn's disease and when I am due to have any invasive tests done, I have to go on a "low residue" diet, which means all I can eat is white bread, eggs and potatoes (without skins). This basically means I can eat but there is very little "waste" left in my system. This might work for you. If you are really in need of food perhaps try these coz there shouldn't be anything left to pass.

I hope all this gets better soon, but if it carries on for more than another week, I would go see a doctor.

LIZS Mon 05-Dec-05 19:54:34

Feeling any better today ?

Jillc7332 Sun 07-Dec-14 21:44:05

Hi Sleighbells,
Do you still have these symptoms or did they get better? I have exactly the same thing and it gets worse no matter what I eat so thinking I should stop eating altogether. Please let me know if you found a cure ! Hope you feel better now anyway smile

ilovepowerhoop Sun 07-Dec-14 21:50:42

starving yourself is not recommended with d&v. Carb rich foods and things like soup can help. keep up your fluids too.

ilovepowerhoop Sun 07-Dec-14 21:54:00

DishwasherDogs Sun 07-Dec-14 21:54:03

I hope poor sleigh bells is feeling better - this thread is 9 years old!

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