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pilates Wed 10-Aug-11 16:27:16

Can anyone tell me what options are available for removing a fybroid the size of a tennis ball? I am due a hysteroscopy in three/four weeks time.

wicketkeeper Wed 10-Aug-11 23:31:10

hey there. Not wanting to boast, but mines bigger than yours...

I've just had an MRI scan and am waiting to see the gynae to discuss the results. Last time I saw him he went through the options with me - which is best for you depends on the size and position of the fibroid, and whether you want to keep the option of having children. You have the basic 'leave it alone' option - may be the best one if you are close to the menopause as they shrink naturally at that point. There's also myomectomy (where they cut out the fibroid but leave the womb alone), uterine fibroid embolisation (where they cut off the blood supply to the fibroid thus causing it to shrink), endometrial ablation (where the lining of the womb is removed, and the fibroid with it) and hysterectomy of course. Take a look at for a very sensible discussion of anything and everything related to fibroids.

For me, I think my choices are to either put up with it (I'm 50 so menopause can't be far away!!) or to go for the embolisation. It really depends how long I can cope with the heavy periods and looking like I'm 5 months pregnant (I'm a size 10 so the damn thing really shows!!).

Let us know how the hysteroscopy goes.

pilates Thu 11-Aug-11 17:52:02

Hey thanks for replying.

I have fibroids and pollyp (sp) so at the moment they are not sure which is causing the extreme bleeding. I ended up spending a night in hospital due to the amount of blood I lost and yes my uterus is the size of a 14 week pregnancy. I'm 43 so not willing to wait for the menopause.

I have been given Norethisterone to stop the bleeding which seems to have worked at the moment. I am thinking of the ablation route.

Its really got me down the last couple of months, especially as I'm now very anemic and finding it hard to deal with day to day routine.

glitterkitty Thu 11-Aug-11 18:00:09

Same here- mines a grapefruit. I'm 38 so considering options- onloy just heard of ablation etc so going to discuss with doc. Hate looking pg (as well as fat!) all the time...

DeathOrCake Thu 11-Aug-11 18:03:32

I had an endometrial ablation two months ago due to polyps, a small fibroid, and terrible bleeding and clots for two weeks every month.
It was a new procedure, called Novasure.
I can't believe how fantastic it has been. I now have no bleeding at all, I feel like I've got my life back.
I would recommend it.

glitterkitty Thu 11-Aug-11 18:08:49

Wow, I'm going to call my docs tommorow and ask about that. Thanks for posting Deathorcake!

pilates Thu 11-Aug-11 18:24:21

Thats reassuring DeathOrCake to hear a positive outcome.

Can you tell me abit more about Novasure?

DeathOrCake Fri 12-Aug-11 08:45:24

I've got the leaflet they gave me at the hospital, it says they have a website-

I had it done under general anaesthetic, but I don't think that's always the case. I had to stay in overnight, but that's because I reacted badly to the GA (really sick etc). The woman next to me went home two hours after, and she felt fine.
It's not hormonal, so has no side effects etc. They offered me the coil first, but I've heard too many horror stories.
You can only have this procedure done if you definitely do not want any more children.
From the leaflet (and what my gynae explained to me) a fine mesh is inserted into the uterus, then radio waves are pulsed through it for about 90 seconds, which removes all the lining of the uterus. It is then removed.
I had slight bleeding for a couple of days after, and slight period type pains, but since then, it's been great.

SalmonPinkCanary Wed 17-Aug-11 08:45:31

I also have many fibroids, at least 5 the same size as yours.

I've just had fibroid embolisation treatment carried out. Whilst my experience was particularly unpleasant, the procedure itself was successful and now the fibroids should shrink. If you'd like more info then feel free to ask.

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