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Knee replacement under 40 ? Any experience ?

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CMOTdibbler Tue 09-Aug-11 13:39:30

DH has very long running issues with his knee, having had his first surgery at 17. At 38, it has really reached the end of the line - no cartilage at all, bone is wearing away, bone spurs all round and in his ACL, and he's in a lot of pain which is now affecting other joints.

He saw the consultant yesterday, and they are saying that his only option is a full knee replacement, but that in 10 years the bone would probably give up and above knee amputation might be the only option (though of course things might change by then).

Has anyone had a knee replacement this young ? Or know anyone who has ? Its all a bit scary tbh

sdotg Tue 09-Aug-11 14:52:24

Not a knee replacement but just had a hip replacement at 38 and met a few knee people and incidentally an excellent knee surgeon based in london if you want a 2nd opinion.
So sorry for your DH, it's a horrible shock, took me ages to realise my op was the best thing to do and although I'm only 6 weeks post op it has already changed my life.
Obviously your DH's situation is totally different but I would urg him to seek out some support groups and forums for knee replacement and surgery. I found some v useful.
Just say if you'd like the surgeon's details, do consider getting 2nd or even a 3rd opinion, I took 3 before I chose surgeon and prosthesis.
All the best

rocketeer Tue 09-Aug-11 15:00:59

Hi, I had my hip replaced at 17 and on a waiting list for another one as the first one is wearing out (I am 33). I also have problems with my knee and have been told I may need a replacement for that but they don't last as long as hips. Medical science is constantly evolving so in 10 years they may have a totally different solution instead of amputation. I would deffo get a second opinion and also ask his consultant if he could speak to anyone else who has had the op done.
Not very useful I'm afraid but good luck x

JellyBelly10 Tue 09-Aug-11 23:09:46

This website is brilliant:
There is a forum on it (called KneeGeeks!) where people discuss all their knee issues and there is a whole section on knee replacements, partiala nd total. Seriously work your way around this site, look at the most relevant forums, message people who ahve had the same operation, get recommendations for the best surgeons etc times this site is quite scary as you have to remember that quite often it is people who ahve encountered problems who afre most likely to join in with lots of forums...but it really is a great site to educate you about knee surgery.

kittensliveupstairs Wed 10-Aug-11 07:45:28

I was told when I was 40 taht I needed a TKR, the surgeon went on to say that as it is such a complicated joint you can only have one in your lifetime. they used to only last 25 -35 years, so he was predicting my death to be 65-75 or a lifetime afterwards spent in pain.
IIWY, I would seek another opinion, OTOH orthapaedic surgery does change and that rule may not apply still.
My opinion was given in Bangkok, so maybe not too reliable.

CMOTdibbler Wed 10-Aug-11 08:37:07

Thanks all - I will check out KneeGuru. Dhs surgeon is going to get his knee into a multiconsultant meeting once the bone density/quality results are in so that it is considered widely (he is being seen at a knee only specialist clinic anyway, which has 6 specialists, and his is the one who concentrates on young patients).
He isn't going to rush into anything, but at the rate he is destroying bone currently, he is going to have to have something major done otherwise there won't be anything left to use - this is already a concern that he may not even be suitable for tkr
I do have some experience around tkr and revision, as my grandmother had bilateral tkr and both revised successfully - gmil also had both knees, both hips and a shoulder replaced

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