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Feel Guilty. Ds1(7) Concust. I told him he was o.k.

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Oblomov Tue 09-Aug-11 11:38:12

Ds ran into a barrier rope yesterday. Screamed and screamed and cried and cried. I gave him a cuddle, and played it down. Drove on to sainsburys's. Took him in and went straight to frozen section for a bag of peas. It was only then , that I realised he had an egg on the back of his head. And not just any old egg, it really was as huge as an actual egg. Then, and only then, did I spot his neck. It had come up in a rope burn and was bright red on his neck. So I put another bag of peas on that. he didn't know how it had happened. he didn't know he had run into a rope. ( Later when dh got home he was cross with me for not phoning him. And asked me what I thought it was, when I saw the marks on his neck. 'oh course its a bloody rope burn woman, what did you think it was' he asked. which seemed like a valid point.)

So ds sits and watched tv. then has dinenr. and then I think its best if he gets in the bath. to wash his neck. at which point dh comes home. he is screaming and crying becasue his neck hurts. Dh takes over. And then I wash his hair and realise that the bump, having gone down, is now alot bigger.
Dh iasks why I hadn't taken him to A&E before. I say that I think it is a minor head injury and they will only tell me to keep an eye on him. We discuss whether we shoud take him to A&E now, and I suggest that maybe we should, seeing as the bath seems to have made it bigger again. but we decide no. he goes to bed.
Gets up this monring. says he feels giddly. And is sick. 8 times, on the way to hosptial, as dh has just explained it me. He is Concust.
I feel so guilty. I am a normaly a 'play-it-downer'. I mean if someone falls over, a quick kiss and at worst a chocolate biscuit, makes evrything o.k.

But i feel bad for not taking this seriously.sad

Oblomov Tue 09-Aug-11 11:39:41

I am at work. Dh is working from home today. shall I tell my work that I may not be in tomorrow? Will he be o.k. tomorrow to go to Playscheme ?

SparkleRainbow Tue 09-Aug-11 12:07:40

They can feel a bit funny for a couple of days after something like this, so maybe. As for not going to a and e, we have all been there, and 99% of the time the hospital just tell you to come back if they throw up, which he didn';t do until this morning anyway. Stop beating yourself up over it. They can throw up repeatedly even if they are not concussed you know too. I am sure he will be fine. Have a cup of tea when you can and try to calm yourself.

Oblomov Tue 09-Aug-11 12:34:25

Thanks Sparkle. I will try and not feel so guilty.

Imnotaslimjim Tue 09-Aug-11 12:38:14

You were not to know it would turn out badly. I am a play-downer too, generally and would probably have done the same as you. I was in hospital recently with DD after she took a blow to the head and was unconscious afterward (about 15 mins after she'd banged it) and they told me that they don't generally worry now if they are alert straight after the event

I'm sure your DS will be fine, concussion and shock are major things for the body to suffer, but we do generally get over them easily. Hope he is better soon

Oblomov Tue 09-Aug-11 15:48:45

Thanks SlimJim.
Dh said that once ds had some calpol, he perked right up. I did consider calpol last night, prob should have done. I knew the hospital would do nothing, because they only just advise you to keep an eye on the child, to make sure they don't get worse. But dh seems a bit cross that I have played it all down. Ds2(2) was crying this morning, telling me that ds1 was "wery ill, got go opital".
I probably should have taken the opinion of a 2 year old !!

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