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Strange first period with copper coil

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Leverkusen Sun 07-Aug-11 18:55:53

Before I had the coil put in I had had a few periods which were very very light, but painful and long.

Had coil put in two weeks ago. Had 5 days of spotting after it was fitted.

My period was due this monday but didn't come til thursday. It is so so light, only really brown blood and there have barely been any pains.

Since I had heard the copper coil would give me very heavy periods I am slightly confused and concerned!

thejoanwilder Wed 10-Aug-11 03:53:22

When I had mine in, I found that it made my periods lighter, but longer. They definitely weren't any heavier, but I did find they went from about 4 days to lasting 7 or 8, most of which was heavy spotting to light bleeding. HTH

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