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Labour-like pains on day 5 of period (11 months after baby...)

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gourd Sun 07-Aug-11 11:40:46

Is this normal? On day 5 of my period I had what i can only describe as labour pains, they were exactly like labour, down to lower back ache, feeling in pelvis and bum like something was in there, and contractions every 2 or 3 minutes that faded and then came on again. Luckily this only lasted about 90 minutes one evening. I found it helpful to bend forward or be on all fours just like in labour and also felt sick for a while when the contractions were at their most intense - just like in labour. The ONLY difference was that each contraction didn't last very long. I was worried and my partner wanted to take me to A & E but I thought they must be period related, as they started with more normal period pain type twinges. It's not usual for me to have any pain that far into a period though. My periods usually last only 4-5 days so as far as I knew it had more or less finished, but in the morning after the contractions the evening before, it restarted, and I had another day of bleeding. I don't usually get very painful periods and they're usually light and don't last more than 4-5 days, but the 2 periods I've had since my baby was born (she's nearly 11 months old now), have been a bit more painful than before and also bit heavier in the first couple of days than anything previously - I've never experienced anything like these contractions before though, except for labour itself and I also thought it odd that it was on day 5 when usually, for me, any period pain is just before it starts, or on 1st day of period. Has anyone else had this? Thanks...

diddle Sun 07-Aug-11 11:48:17

Hi sounds really awful, I haven't experienced it but I do think that you definitely should not be experiencing such major pains and if it was me I would definitely get checked out ASAP. X

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