Anal sphincter repair anyone?

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mum2xant Fri 02-Dec-05 13:58:14

I had a forceps delivery a year ago, during which I suffered 3rd degree tearing which they didnt pick up on, or repair, at the time. I've had ultrasound showing significant damage to the internal and external anal sphincter, and suffer reduced control of wind and - well, put it this way, if i gotta go i gotta go! The colorectal surgeon I've been referred to says it's my choice whether to have repair surgery - he's fairly sure it would improve things (70% of similar cases show improvement) but its a question of whether i want to live with this or undergo quite major surgery (week in hospital, several weeks recovery). He said around 50% of women with similar damage opt for the surgery. I dont know anyone who's had it, or rather who's admitting to it, so is there anyone out here who has and could could advise? or who hasnt and lives with a similar problem? Things are improving a little with the old pelvic floor exercises but i guess there's a limit how far these can help. Any advice MUCH appreciated - please please!

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Tinker Fri 02-Dec-05 14:01:09

What's teh downside - just teh recovery time or teh chance it could go wrong? If just the recovery time, I'd do it.

mum2xant Fri 02-Dec-05 14:17:51

I asked what the worst-case scenario was, apparently its very unlikely to make things worse so just the 30% chance it wont help combined with long recovery time. But even it does help, I'm not sure - and he cant tell me - how much of an improvement there'll be...

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hoolagirl Fri 02-Dec-05 17:02:37

Don't know anyone who has had it done, but i think I would take the risk if there was a chance it could improve things. Good Luck x

mum2xant Mon 05-Dec-05 10:00:26

Thanks! If anyone has had a similar op or problem PLEASE let me know how it went....

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shellsue26 Sun 22-Oct-06 04:30:51

I am just not finding this post and am wondering if you ever ended up having the surgery. I had a baby in November of 2004, forcep delivery and 4th degree tear, repaired twice. I ended up developing a recto-vaginal fistula and had to have that repaired, which caused control issues. I had the overlap repair done of my sphincter the end of May 2006...and am now (end of October) still recovering...and some days it seems worse, some days better, in regard to my incision!! My control is back though...but I'm not sure if I would go through all this pain and recovery again...or if I would have just dealt with it if I knew!

padscombo Wed 01-Jun-11 08:15:03

Hi, I'm new to this so hope I'm getting it right.... I'm also trying to decide whether to go ahead with this op. My surgeon has said there's a 10% chance it will leave me permanently incontinent. I'm in a fair amount of discomfort and have very little control, but just feel it's quite a big risk to take. Anyone else had the op? Has it helped? What are the pros and cons? I feel like I've been going round in circles, passed from surgeon to surgeon and not getting anywhere.


ThingOne Wed 01-Jun-11 16:49:27

There's a thread called something like "ragged bits" in here full of people with similar problems.

padscombo Sun 05-Jun-11 21:19:37

Thanks ThingOne, I'll check that out.

Trinityy Wed 11-Mar-20 23:11:27

I hope you guys still read these ?? So i have a 12-3 defect from delivery of my daughter. I need to have the overlap surgery i am so scared an have no one to talk to about this... nothing is online beside these feed i just found. Any advice tips ?

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