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IBD Handhold thread?

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PeachyPossum Thu 04-Aug-11 11:06:32

My name is Peachypossum and I have crohns! I find one of the hardest things is the complete lack of understanding people have of IBD and they assume you get wind a lot and that's it! Would love to be able to talk about it with people in similar situations?

Mine is considered moderate, with terminal illietus and suspected strictures in my upper small intestine, I'm waiting on an MRI and Capsule test, currently taking steroids, anti sickness tabs and lanzraprozle, I'm exhausted, sick from the meds, sick from the crohns and I cant have choc or champagne, it sucks! Also, learning to accept that your ill is hard, I want to carry on as normal but i can't! Very frustrating!

Please share your stories/ experiences and woes? All the forums seem very scary so it would be nice to have a safe place here to share?

PeachyPossum Thu 04-Aug-11 11:07:12


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