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Could this be mastoiditis? agony

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Hammy01 Wed 03-Aug-11 07:52:36

Dear all
Really need some advice please.
I contracted an ear infection in right ear 4 weeks ago while abroad and couldn't afford to pay for treatment out in spain as four yr old ds also needed treating for ear infection at that time. So didn't get antibiotics until arrival back in uk five days later.
After antibiotic and drops infection cleared but then contracted ear infection in left ear two weeks ago. Was given more antibiotics and drops but it's getting worse.
Have blocked feeling in head constant pain and twinging in ear and around, felt like an elastic band was tightened around my head last nite causing severe headache, clear/yellow discharge from ear, no hearing, and feels numb all over left side of face.
I've been taking ibuprofen and cocodamol 30/500 for days and pain still breaking thru.
I don't feel like the doctors understand how much pain I'm in, not slept for last three nites. Could this be mastoiditis?
Have got a private referral through work healthcare for net specialist this fri but I'm in tears wondering if I can wait that long.
Am thinking about going up to a&e but dont want to be fobbed off up there...
What would u do? I'm at my wits end please help...
Thank you for reading x

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Wed 03-Aug-11 07:57:35

I'm afraid I don't know but I know that I had mastoiditis as a baby and was very ill. Nobody knew what was wrong with me as apparently it is very rare.

An standard ear infection though can be mega painful even if it isn't mastoiditis. It doesn't sound like an A&E job to me IMO......... I would wait the couple of days to see the ENT if I were you or get an emergency appt with your GP.

Hammy01 Wed 03-Aug-11 08:10:02

Thank you for replying...a&e was drastic but just so so fed up with feeling like this. Hopefully Fridays appointment will sort this out.
Thanks once again ben10

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Wed 03-Aug-11 08:33:53

I hope you get sorted out soon. Are you putting heat on it? A hot water bottle should help ease it a bit while you wait

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