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Pain under ribs and down right side - swollen glands?

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sittinginthesun Tue 02-Aug-11 15:10:34

I've had this pain on and off for a couple of years. It started a few weeks after my dad died, and I was feeling very low and ill.

The pain starts under my ribs, like an ache, and then I get stabbing burning pains down my side and round to my back. They start if I feel a cold coming on etc, and I may have a slight temp, and they last for a couple of weeks, before fading away. I may not have another pain for a few months.

In my paranoid state, I have seen the doctor three times (different doctors) all of whom say it is either a type of stomach bug or swollen glands. I had a blood test, which showed a slight infection, but nothing to worry about. No swelling etc.

Anyone else get this?

rockinhippy Wed 03-Aug-11 11:13:02

Sounds like it could possibly be kidney related -

I used to suffer with recurring kidney infections & have some kidney necrosis as a result - its quite amazing how much it can differ in symptoms from one to the next IYSWIM - the kidney pain though would be in the area you describe.

Interestingly, in holistic medicine, the kidneys are "the seat of the emotions" so problems starting after the death of your Dad would fit with that too - my problems started during an emotionally turbulent phase of my life too & stopped when those problems did, so it does make you wonder.

if you tested positive for a mild infection, did they give you antibiotics?? - were you re tested afterwards to see if they worked?? if not I would be chasing that up, as some bugs won't respond to the usual anti B's & need specific ones.

Otherwise I would be pushing for a kidney scan to make are there are no kidney stones - I was checked for this as the Kidney specialist reckoned stones can make you more prone to infections.

& in the mean time try drinking lots of Cranberry Juice - Health shop, Ocean Spray or Aldis own brand have the highest concentration of actual cranberry (17%), so are best to go for - do check the fruit percentage though, as some of the others are pretty poor.

Cranberry juice has been proven in studies to line the urinary tract with a substance that stops the bacteria being able to bread, so can really help with kidney/UTI infections - I used to spend a lot of time in hospital & was put on permanent Anti'b's to halt further kidney damage - Cranberry juice meant I could throw away the anti B's & have had only 3/4 infections in about 15 years

good luck

rockinhippy Wed 03-Aug-11 11:14:24

breed not bread confusedblush

sittinginthesun Wed 03-Aug-11 14:23:23

That's really interesting, rockin, thank you. It had never occurred to me that it might be kidney related. The pain starts high up, and after a couple of days, moves down, so that may make sense.

I am just so fed up of troubling my GP. She is good, but I spent so much time there over the last few years, with pregnancy related thyroid conditions, then losing my Dad, and the usual rubbish that goes with it. The last time I went, I could almost see her sighing, and thinking, "now what"... I didn't follow up the last lot of blood tests, because I started to feel better.

I'm going to drink Cranberry juice, and a lot more water and see if it makes a difference. Thank you again. x

rockinhippy Wed 03-Aug-11 14:29:38

it would only make a difference if it was an infection though & still could need ant B's to shift it properly, especially if it has become chronic.

so if it doesn't work DO go back to your GP & if she is making you feel as if you are bothering her hmm just remember its her JOB to help diagnose you & if she can't refer you to someone who can

& if you still don't feel comfortable - see a different GP - sometimes thats the best bet anyway - I was recently diagnosed with a stomach infections after YEARS of problems that weren't being taken seriously - all down to seeing a new GP - getting it cleared has been life changing - so don't be fobbed off wink

good luck

sittinginthesun Wed 03-Aug-11 14:53:44

Will do. Like I say, she is lovely, but I feel as though I just keep going back with the same problems, which I'm sure she is putting down to general "work too hard, young children, just lost a parent etc etc".

From an emotional point of view, my dad died of bowel cancer, which spread to his liver, so I of course went into full panic mode when I had pain under my ribs etc a few weeks later, but I have no other symptoms of bowel cancer etc, so they ruled that out very early on.

I'm going to give it some thought. Have a nice afternoon. x

chipstick10 Wed 03-Aug-11 16:06:46

Could it not perhaps be gallbladder related.!!!

sailorsgal Wed 03-Aug-11 17:10:39

it does sound like gallbladder or pancreas related pain. I had something similiar but the scan hasn't shown anything up. Its been several months since my last bout. I do remember that the times it flared up I had eaten high fat cheese.

BallerinaBetty Wed 03-Aug-11 21:06:55

I wondered if it could be gallbladder related too - the symptoms sound very much like I had - ended up having my gallbladder out. It might be worth talking to your GP again and asking about a scan to check your kidneys and gallbladder. Also a liver function test would give an indication of gallbladder problems.

sittinginthesun Wed 03-Aug-11 21:24:48

Thanks everyone. I've had liver function tests, which were fine, and I have been keeping an eye in whether eating anything makes it worse, but it's no different. At the moment it's more like a burning stitch quite low down on my right hand side, but isn't too painful.

I did think about the gallbladder, but NHS Direct talks about a pain towards the shoulder, and it never there.

I am thinking about the kidney thing. I do get back ache with it but, as I have a dodgy back anyway, I have always assumed it was my back playing up. The last two times I have had it, I was actually very aware that my back was aching!

Like I say, it happens every few months. The last time was the royal wedding weekend. I'm quite relieved to talk about it, though, as haven't wanted to worry anyone in RL. X

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