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Swollen bits! (tmi)

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chazzy87 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:27:15

So i had my 2nd baby just over 2 weeks ago and the birth went very well, although i did need a few stitches. My bleeding has near enough stopped and everything was fine down there, and saturday night hubby and i got caught up in the moment and had sex. Now i have got a very sore and swollen left labia. It was starting to Be uncomfortable before we had sex so im not sure if that made any difference. Could it maybe from constantly wearing sanitry towels? Its very sore and i dont know how to make it better. Is it worth going to the gp or jus wait to see if it goes down? Any help would be fab! Thx!

Mandy2003 Mon 01-Aug-11 21:56:57

Seen this asked a few times and actually suffered myself - try putting some Canesten cream on it. I did and it cleared up in 24 hours.

But do mention it at your next check-up because there are some nasties that start like that apparently.

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